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The New High - New Low Index is probably the best leading indicator of the stock market. The new highs are the leaders of strength, while the new lows are the leaders of weakness. Their interplay in various timeframes provides important clues to the market's future direction. Dr. Alexander Elder will illustrate their behavior at recent turning points as well as their current outlook for the future.

Join Stephen Moore, distinguished visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation, for an in-depth session discussing how we will get the economy up and running again and how to get the V shaped recovery. He will also detail what policies are likely to change the economic landscape, how long it will take for the stock market to fully recover, and how the election in November will affect the future of the economy.

Discover how to trade inverse ETFs-the perfect way to trade volatility in bear markets. You'll learn how to day and swing trade SQQQ, VXX, TVIX as well as gold ETFs like NUGT in this fast-paced, practical session. Kenneth Calhoun, president of, has made over 7k in profitable live trades during the past several weeks; attend this session to learn how he did it.

Dividend growth stocks led the stock market recovery after the Fed pushed down Treasury Bond yields with their quantitative easing. Today it is still possible to achieve three, four, and even five times the 10-year Treasury yield in reliable dividend growth stocks. Louis Navellier, editor of Growth Investor and Breakthrough Stocks & Accelerated Profits, will reveal his favorites.

The markets were screaming higher in February when Mike Turner's proprietary signals told him that the market was dangerously overbought. He exited client positions by the middle of February and locked in gains in client portfolios right before the fastest bear market in history. During the last week of March, these same proprietary signals told Mr. Turner that the market was in a historically oversold condition. He entered into fundamentally sound stocks that were trending higher and leading the market to its best April performance in decades. What's next? In this presentation, Mr. Turner will show you the same signals and charts that his clients see every week that have his flagship portfolio beating the market by more than 17%. Get ready to take notes about what to do next.

Throughout its 35-year history, National Retail Properties (NYSE: NNN) has navigated many market conditions. The company has learned to never rest on its laurels when things go well and never panic when things take a wrong turn. Come hear how using disciplined, consistent execution has allowed NNN to increase its annual dividend for 30 consecutive years and produce a 25-year average annual total return of 13.6% (through 12/31/19).

Harry Boxer discusses his pattern recognition strategy for identifying breakout trading opportunities. He illustrates how to use intraday technicals and patterns to uncover winning stocks on intraday and daily charts. Learn from this 50-year veteran trader and technical analyst, and author of the highly acclaimed Profitable Day & Swing Trading (Wiley), noted by Stock Traders' Almanac as the 2015 Best Investment Book of the Year.

The financial services industry recommends to retirees the "4% rule" as the annual withdrawal amount from your retirement savings. Yet, retirement calculators using historic market data will show that even 4% draws could cause you to run out of money too early. Also, 4% of your retirement savings may just not be enough income. Tim Plaehn will discuss strategies to help you generate a higher yield through dividend stocks and at the same time ensure that you are not forced to tap your retirement equity to pay for your desired lifestyle.

For generations direct real estate investing has provided immense wealth, but only for the select few. Historically, investors needed specific knowledge, the right connections, and most importantly access to large amounts of capital. Hedge funds, professional investors, and the ultra-wealthy have taken advantage of these opportunities for years, but now any accredited investor can participate in this once out of reach opportunity.

Technical analysis is more than just looking for patterns on charts. In this session with trading veteran, Toni Hanson, you will learn how to harness the predictive power of technical analysis to identify trade candidates and execute trades where the risk/reward opportunities are constantly in your favor. This is a session that you cannot afford to miss!

The global health crisis has impacted markets and investors worldwide. Uncertainty in the face of increased market volatility and concerns about the economy are foremost in the minds of many individual investors and investment club members. What can savvy investors do now when making decisions about their portfolios? Doug Gerlach, editor-in-chief of the award-winning Investor Advisory Service and SmallCap Informer newsletters, has guidance for investors about navigating the current market turbulence. A review of history shows how markets and economies have reacted to past pandemics, recessions, and bear markets, and points towards a possible pathway for recovery. Mr. Gerlach will provide thoughts for investors to consider in these difficult times, focusing on acceptance, understanding, and ultimate profitability. In addition, he will review his team's current top equity picks for turbulent times.

During volatile market periods even professional money managers can lose their discipline under pressure from clients and uncertainties in the markets themselves. Traditional fixed income asset management can fail to adequately modify portfolio exposures in response to market volatility. Based on durable, time-tested market relationships, a rules-based approach can automatically adjust portfolio allocations and can adapt proactively to current conditions in order to preserve capital and limit drawdowns. This webinar will discuss traditional fixed-income asset management and how FolioBeyond adds discipline with its algorithmic approach utilizing a full array of ETFs to offer exposure to the most attractive sub-sectors of the fixed income markets.

Markets go up, down and sideways. If your investment strategy only works when the market is going up, you are missing out on two-thirds of the opportunities for return on investment. In this workshop, Kelley Wright, managing editor of Investment Quality Trends, will teach you the IQ Trends formula for identifying high-quality stocks and when they offer good value to maximize your capital appreciation potential. In addition, you will learn how to lock in high dividend yields to provide a return on investment in any market environment.

Positioning portfolios with exposure to income strategies is critical in today's market environment. Jay Hatfield will review the outlook for interest rates and the credit cycle, investments that seek consistent performance with low volatility, midstream MLP investing in a period of lower crude prices, and investment opportunities in preferred shares.

Relative Strength is what professional investors use to evaluate their performance, identify trading opportunities, and enhance their market awareness. In this interactive session, David Keller will demonstrate how to implement this powerful strategy using live charts to break down relative leaders and laggards. You will leave with actionable ideas to upgrade your process, anticipate market movements, and invest with intention.

The past couple of months, we've seen the markets make historic moves down and then back up as fast as any roller coaster. Space Mountain at Disneyland would be proud. Through it all, Mike Turner's flagship Tactical Growth portfolio has been positive all year. It's beating the market by more than 17%! Want to know what's next for the markets? Join Mr. Turner for this critical update. He'll show you what his latest algorithmic signals are telling him about the likely direction of the markets and how he'll be investing his clients' monies to take advantage of this upcoming powerful move.

In this keynote closing remarks event Oliver Velez, international best-selling author and world-renowned trader, will reveal how the post Covid-19 world is offering a chance to get in on the next upcoming wave of investments designed to make you wealthier beyond what most ever achieve. Learn how to capitalize on this extraordinary opportunity to turn this year into a wealth generator. If you want to catapult your personal wealth in 2020, this is a must attend event!

Alternative data has been a hot topic in recent years, but understanding and consuming these complex data sets has been almost entirely limited to the hedge funds and other large money managers. In the not-too-distant past, it was only about pricing data, but today's sophisticated quants have access to a new world of complex data mined from a myriad of sources and are using this data to identify clues, anticipate earnings, find new investment ideas, and confirm existing theses. Learn from some of the top players in the industry about how you can use alternative data to generate alpha and trade like the biggest players on Wall Street.

The cannabis industry is poised for explosive growth over the coming years. Michael Scott, founder and CEO of Cannapreneur Partners, along with Todd Sullivan, Co-CEO, explain how cannabis will be a disruptive industry and create investment opportunities for savvy investors willing to accept the risk. Cannabis private placement investments offer a high risk, high reward option for investors that is non-public market correlated thus not having the same levels of volatility as the public markets. Investors attending this presentation will learn how to navigate the risk in the industry, see a case study that shows how 10X+ investor returns are possible with careful due diligence, and hear from Mr. Sullivan, a previous hedge fund manager, why he believes cannabis is the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime.

In the January 2020 prediction issue of Forecasts & Strategies, Dr. Mark Skousen warned his subscribers, "Beware of a 'black swan' event that could derail the longest running bull market in history." The March madness was a black plague on Wall Street! In this important presentation, Dr. Skousen draws upon his 40-year experience in predicting major events as the editor of Forecasts & Strategies, and reveals his five best ways to protect your wealth and make money in this new era. Are we headed for another roaring twenties, or a great depression and world war? In this timely lecture, Dr. Skousen reveals his latest forecasts and strategies.

Join Schaeffer's SVP, Todd Salamone, for a review of an underutilized but incredibly powerful options-buying strategy that they have employed for over a decade to help subscribers manage risk and produce serious profit in a world of surprises. In times of major market uncertainty like we find ourselves in today, there is good news! There is a simple strategy that you can use to manage the risk of the unknowns while also positioning yourself to profit in the triple digits at the same time (targeting returns of +100% on each trade).

Trilogy Metals Inc. holds a 50% interest in Ambler Metals, LLC, which owns the Upper Kobuk Mineral Projects ("UKMP") in the Ambler Mining District of northwest Alaska. The two flagship assets within the UKMP are the Arctic copper-zinc-lead-gold-silver project and the Bornite copper-cobalt project.

Option data (price and volume) can often be used to structure trading indicators or systems designed to predict the movements of the broad stock market. In this session, option industry leader, Lawrence McMillan will review the prominent ones (put-call ratios, volatility indices such as VIX, etc.) and bring you up to date on what these indicators are "saying" at the current time. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to have Mr. McMillan be your guide to interpreting these key indicators and improve your trading.

Discover why thousands of professional and self-directed investors have turned to IBD's Leaderboard to help them with their stock selection. Leaderboard identifies top-performing growth stocks and gives you technical and fundamental analysis on each stock. Each day, IBD's experts provide a short list of top stocks that have the potential to make huge price gains. Its experts then annotate the charts and pinpoint the optimal time to buy and when to take profits.

Discover how you can use one simple indicator to accurately predict whether the market is likely to go up or down over the next few days, or even weeks. Better yet, you can have access to this powerful information up to five days in advance! This works for stocks, futures, forex, and options. Regardless of whether you are just getting started in trading, or you are a seasoned pro, this is must-have information to make money in the markets.

Delta 9 is a vertically integrated cannabis company with three revenue streams: cultivation/wholesale, retail stores and B2B business selling grow pods, genetics, and consulting services. Q1 2020 guidance: The company anticipates revenues for the three-month period ending March 31, 2020 to be between $11.3 million and $11.9 million compared with $5.6 million for the first quarter of 2019 and $10.6 million sequentially for the fourth quarter of 2019. Delta 9 Cannabis anticipates direct cannabis production cost per gram of $0.98 and total grams of cannabis produced of 1,198,983 for the first quarter 2020.

Dr. Alan Ellman will share the actual trades made in his brokerage accounts, explain the rationale of these trades, and share his results. These returns will be compared to that of the S&P 500 highlighting the benefit of lowering our cost-basis when we sell options and the critical need to master the skill of position management. The strategies used during this market aberration can be implemented in all market scenarios but are especially important in high-volatility environments.

When it comes to options, market volatility is the great unknown. Protecting investments with options positions can not only be a safe play, but a smart one as well, especially in times of market uncertainty. Join Edward J. Modla with The Options Industry Council, as he explains which options strategies can be used to hedge during a volatile market. Be sure not to miss this highly informative and exciting talk on covered calls, protective puts, collars, and ratio spreads.

Join John McCamant of the Medical Technology Stock Letter, whose editors have more than 70 years of combined experience in biotech investing, as he discusses how post-pandemic biotech stocks are poised to become the premier growth sector for the next decade. Biotech investing is the perfect nexus of wealth, health, and technology. Biotech will be a major part of the solution to COVID-19 —as it has already demonstrated —with over 100 new trials starting recently for treatments, vaccines, and diagnostic tools.

The best options trading strategy identifies stock moves before they happen so you get in ahead of the herd and applies the right options combination to maximize probability with the potential for 100% ROI every time. Matt Choi will show you step-by-step how to time your options trades to potentially make 100% ROI every time with this one strategy. After his 60-minute workshop, you'll have all the step-by-step instructions and start trading Mr. Choi's strategy right away. This is a must-have for serious options traders.

The need for generosity has never been so great. Join Ron Baldwin, founder and CEO of Uncommon Giving, as he shares his vision to awaken generosity and encourage giving through a new for profit digital platform available soon to consumers, wealth managers, and shareowners. You'll be the first to experience this extraordinary giving experience connecting people and nonprofits which was shortlisted for the 2019 Fund Intelligence Best New Technology Award.

Marvin Appel sits down with John Bollinger for an in-depth discussion of systematic trading.

When teaching, John Bollinger, the developer of Bollinger Bands, always stresses the importance of eliminating emotions from trading. Bollinger Bands and technical analysis are amongst his preferred tools to prevent emotions from clouding the decision-making process. In this session John Bollinger and Dr. Marvin Appel will discuss the importance of systematic trading, especially in volatile times, and how Bollinger Bands and other tools can be used in that framework.

The S&P 500 exhibited the glidepath of a crowbar earlier this year, falling into a bear market twice as quickly as in 1987. Even though no bear market in excess of 30% recovered fully in fewer than 18 months, this uniquely swift bear may be followed by an equally surprising bull market, as a result of the unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus. During the second half of 2020, will global equities emulate the phoenix and rise from the ashes? Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist of CFRA and creator of the Pacer-CFRA Seasonal Rotation ETF (SZNE), will share CFRA's investment outlook for the market, and identify which sectors, sizes, and strategies are expected to lead the way.

The CME Group offers a suite of weekly options in markets ranging from stock indices, crude oil, gold, and grains. Short-term traders can utilize these products to create directional trading opportunities in which the trader maintains lasting power with a moderate amount of capital and even less risk. For instance, a trader wanting to gain bullish exposure in the S&P 500, crude oil, or even gold for the next trading session could buy a call option expiring in two days for little out of pocket expense, no risk of being stopped out before the market makes the desired move, minimal stress, and defined risk. Come learn more about how these products have the potential to increase the odds of success.

The global energy markets are under attack from all sides. The price of oil has moved lower by 50% since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. It's estimated the demand destruction from the pandemic could end somewhere between 20-30 million barrels per day removed from the market. At the same time, the Saudis and Russians are locked into a price war, determined to flood the global markets with oil.

Take a look back at price and volatility moves in CME Group markets in Q1 and the trade decisions that were made based on those factors. During this presentation, Craig Bewick of CME Group will discuss market conditions prior to the pandemic-driven volatility, the magnitude of both price and volatility moves in a historical context, and why volatility matters. Sarah Potter of You Can Trade will discuss what Q1 trades were not successful and the lessons learned, how this information could be applied for future trading opportunities, and what CME tools might be useful to your trading strategy.

Today's top traders are so refined in their craft, so artful in their approach that they seemingly create profits out of the market at will and at whim. These traders are the ones who last in the face of all odds and stand a chance at achieving mastery, but there is a level even beyond mastery, that only very few attain. Join Oliver Velez to learn about this highest trading level of all, and how you might quicken your path to its achievement.

PureGold mining is fully funded, and on the cusp of opening the PureGold Red Lake Mine, the highest grade undeveloped gold project in Canada, and Canada's next major gold mine. There is no more important time to be building a gold mine and they are bringing a gold mine onstream when the world needs it the most. Find out why PureGold counts 4 key strategic investors among its major shareholders; Billionaire investor Eric Sprott, Goldcorp founder Rob McEwen, and two of the world's largest gold mining companies: Anglogold Ashanti and Newmont-Goldcorp. A brand-new gold mine located in the heart of Canada's gold industry, first pour scheduled before the end of 2020, and property that hosts the geology for explosive transformative growth —The PureGold Red Lake Mine.

Do you know how to identify directional breakouts—and get in them—before they take off? Join Danielle Shay as she teaches you her favorite directional, momentum setup that she uses in all her options and futures trading. Find out exactly how she identifies big moves, and trades them in the options market. She will walk through three different ways to trade this setup using calls, spreads, and butterflies with live charts and examples. In options trading, success starts first with finding a high-probability setup—and then, trading it with an effective options strategy.

Did you get caught during the latest market plunge? Jim Woods didn't, in fact he told his subscribers to sell all their stocks just after the market peaked in mid-February, and before the big bear collapse. But how did he know that was the time to sell? It's because rather than guessing about which way the market might go, he uses a proven, 40-plus-year trading plan that's helped investors get out of the market when it's trending lower, and just as importantly, when to get back in the market as the next uptrend emerges. In this webinar, Mr. Woods will show you how to always know when to sell your stocks, when to buy stocks, and which stocks to buy, so that you can protect your money during downturns and grow your money in boom times.

New, significant gold discoveries are rare—especially over the past eight years while exploration dollars have been hard to come by. This presentation will show how Rockhaven has advanced Klaza into one of the highest-grade gold deposits ever discovered in Canada's Yukon and will highlight the opportunity for shareholders to take advantage of the currently low valuation.

Gold is a tier 1 asset, held by central banks around the world. Although many in the mainstream financial news network keep very quiet about this, gold is actually an established monetary asset. While the U.S. Constitution was founded on sound money with a silver basis, silver was deliberately de-monetized in 1873. During this session, David Morgan, precious metals analyst of will answer the question: What if silver were treated like gold as a tier 1 monetary asset as originally designed by the founding fathers?

Join Sarah Potter as she shows you ways to be patient once you have placed a futures trade. Once you enter your trade, there are many pieces of information you can use to help you decide how long you want to stay in that trade. She will share one of her favorite futures trade set ups in the ES, MES, NQ or MNQ. You will learn ways to evaluate the trade, when to let it run versus when to exit.

The DeMark Indicators® are a collection of sophisticated market-timing tools created by Tom DeMark throughout his half-century career in the financial industry. These proprietary techniques provide an objective method of analyzing markets regardless of region, asset, price, data, time period, or history and novel reveal opportunities in current markets, as well as in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading. The audience will be the first to participate in this special presentation.

The coronavirus has changed the investing landscape forever and many investors are unknowingly trapped in the past as a result. Tomorrow's winners will thrive based on newly emerging consumer behavior, production demand, and data. We'll discuss how to find them, what to look for, and which three choices are best in class right now.


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