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Elliott Gue
Editor and Publisher
Energy and Income Advisor and Capitalist Times
Elliott Gue is chief strategist at Capitalist Times, an investment research firm he co-founded ten years ago. Prior to founding Capitalist Times, he shared his expertise and stock-picking abilities with individual investors in several highly regarded research publications, including The Energy Strategist, and as chief editor of Personal Finance, one of the largest and oldest financial newsletter publications in the US.

Mr. Gue is one of the foremost experts on energy investing and has dedicated himself to learning the ins and outs of this dynamic sector, scouring trade magazines, attending industry conferences, touring facilities, and meeting with management teams. He is also the co-author of two investment books published by the FT Press, The Silk Road to Riches: How You Can Profit by Investing in Asia's Newfound Prosperity and Rise of the State: Profitable Investing and Geopolitics in the 21st Century

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Capitalist Times
Speaker Schedule
Wednesday, January 17, 2024, 10:40 am - 11:10 am EST
Greenflation: How to Profit from the Looming Energy Crisis
Elliott Gue |Energy and Income Advisor and Capitalist Times

You've probably heard the story about the Federal Reserve and the Great Inflation of the 1970s. Specifically, we're told the Burns Fed failed to tighten enough to quash inflation in the 1973-75 recession while the Volcker Fed's more forceful and persistent efforts finally slayed the inflation beast in the early '80s. The only problem is that's not how it works -- the Federal Reserve has little or no influence over oil, energy, and commodity prices, a key source of inflation then and now. In this presentation, Elliott will explain the real forces that drive the oil and commodity price cycles and the powerful force that actually brought an end to the oil price surge through the 1970s. He'll also explain how "green energy" policies pursued by governments the world over dramatically worsened the current cycle, delaying key adjustments that could bring down energy costs dramatically over the next few years. He'll detail specific stock and ETF investments to profit from the current energy and inflation supercycle. 

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