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TG Watkins
Director of Stocks
Simpler Trading

TG Watkins is the director of stocks at Simpler Trading, where he delivers a pinpoint process to identify straightforward setups on stock charts regardless of market direction. Mr. Watkins' simple chart checklist guided him to double his account in 14 months from $67k to $136k. He also exploded a smaller $6k account to $20k in even less time.

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Simpler Trading Inc.
Speaker Schedule
Wednesday, March 20, 2024, 10:00 am - 10:40 am EDT
The Simpler Setup-Live Trading
TG Watkins |Simpler Trading

It’s LIVE trading time! Join Simpler Trading's TG Wakins, Joe Rokop, and Allison Ostrander as they battle the markets at the March 2024 virtual MoneyShow. Watch as this panel of all-stars identifies possible trade ideas and places their bets. Walk away with lessons you can apply to your own trading account in the future.  

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