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CFRA Research is one of the world's largest independent investment research, analytic and data providers.

Their proprietary methodology engine blends forensic and fundamental equity, ETF and mutual fund research, along with data and analytics to empower investment professionals, advisors and risk managers with actionable insights for improved investment and business decision-making.

Founded in 1994, CFRA Research has offices located throughout the United States, London and Kuala Lumpur. Recently, CFRA has expanded its research offerings through the acquisition of ETF data provider First Bridge (2019), technical research firm Lowry Research (2021), and public policy research firm Washington Analysis (2021). CFRA clients can now benefit from comprehensive insights spanning technical and public policy research, forensic accounting, fundamental equity, ETF and mutual fund research, and ETF Data to inform investment and business decision-making.

To learn more about CFRA’s research and insights visit cfraresearch.com.

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