Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 2:10 PM - 2:40 PM EDT
Trading Strategies for Winning with "High-Volatility Breakouts"
See how to scan for and trade the strongest day and swing trading patterns in this rapid-fire session featuring popular trading pro Ken Calhoun. Ken traded over $41 million worth of stock and ETF trades in 2021 and has decades of experience to share.

In this event, you'll unlock tips for scanning and trading each day's strongest gaps and breakouts, how to trade using a "ladder" of several trades in a sequence to scale into winners, and risk management tactics to minimize the cost of trades gone wrong. You will also learn how to do both day and swing trades in your accounts, and what signals to use for entries and exits. This presentation will feature live-market charts for fresh, up-to-date strategies in today's markets. This is a must-see event, be sure to join early and bring any questions you wish to ask.

Ken Calhoun

For questions please contact our Client Relations Team at 800-970-4355 or 941-955-0323.

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