Thursday, September 8, 2022, 11:50 AM - 12:20 PM EDT
As Good as It Gets: Multi-Family Apartments in 2022
As the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates and fight inflation, the real estate market has undoubtedly been impacted. But few investors understand that real estate is not created equal; the impact on single-family homes, for example, is not the same for large commercial apartment buildings. So far this year, rising rates have not led to a drop in demand for affordable apartments. Factors such as rising rents and low inventory are offsetting rising rates and keeping apartment valuations at lofty levels. In today's webinar, Travis Watts from Ashcroft Capital discusses the current economic environment for multi-family apartments and how YOU can benefit from rising, stagnant, and even declining market conditions.
Travis Watts
Director of Investor Education
Ashcroft Capital

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