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Lisa Langley

CEO and President

Emerge Canada, Inc.

Thought Leader

Emerge Canada Inc.
Lisa Langley is the CEO and president of Emerge Canada, Inc., which she founded to provide global support to investment managers. Previously, Ms. Langley worked globally in the financial industry, including over 30 years of investment industry experience in Canada, US, and Europe. Last year, she won the CEO of the year award sponsored by wealth professional awards. Ms. Langley has been nominated again for 2021 and is an excellence award winner.

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Speaker Schedule

Thursday, December 1, 2022 - 1:45 pm to 2:15 pm EST Learn About Active ETFs to Hedge Against Inflation and Recession Focus: ETFs

Over the past 31 years, there have been 26 market corrections. During that time, active management has outperformed passive management 19 out of 26 times, with an average rate of outperformance of 1.48%. Join Lisa Langley as she discusses how to best utilize actively managed ETFs to mitigate risk in volatile market conditions.


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