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Certus Trading is a small trading education company with a big mission – to help its member students become consistent and successful traders. Certus Trading teaches trading using simple, practical methods that any trader can use to achieve results. Using real-time trading ideas from founder, professional trader and chief strategist Matt Choi, Certus Trading uses a “learning by seeing and doing” approach. With repetitive exposure to real-time trades, students acquire a master trader’s mindset to help them trade fluctuating market conditions with accuracy and confidence.

Company Schedule

Thursday, November 10, 2022 - 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm EST Big Data Options Trading by Matt Choi, CMT - Founder, Certus Trading, Inc. Focus: OPTIONS

Big institutions have dominated trading for decades with their Big Data capability. However, with better access to data and strategies, retail traders are now on a levelled playing field. In his keynote presentation, Mr. Choi will share with you an aggressive data-driven options strategy that can power through the current hyperinflation environment. Mr. Choi will walk you through his strategy from data mining to entry and exit, and how to structure options to potentially double your investment on each trade. This session is specifically for quantitative-minded retail traders looking for an aggressive short/medium term options strategy. (Pre-requisite: basic/intermediate options)


For questions please contact our Client Relations Team at 800-970-4355 or 941-955-0323.

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