Whether you’re an investor or trader, we have over 60 live sessions designed to provide you with in-depth analysis and specific strategies for everything from stocks, bonds, and ETFs to commodities, currencies, options, and more! To help you focus on what interests you most, sessions will be tagged with keywords and we'll even provide you with personalized recommendations based on your unique interests. Please check back often as we continue to add speakers in the days ahead.

(All Presentations Will Be in Eastern Time Zone)

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10:00 am to 10:40 am EDT How to Combat the Recession of 2022 by Stephen Moore - Co-Founder, Committee to Unleash Prosperity

The recession is here. What policies will we see from Biden and Republicans? How deep will the recession be? How long will it take for stocks to recover? What are the implications for the 2022 midterm elections and for the 2024 election?

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10:10 am to 10:50 am EDT Trading False Breakouts by Dr. Alexander Elder - Trader and Author, The New Trading for a Living

Professionals and amateurs handle breakouts differently. Beginners expect breakouts to carry on and they jump in, while the pros know that most breakouts fail, and trade against them. Dr. Elder will show the tools he uses to tell true from false breakouts and share his trading methods. He will show trading examples and answer questions.

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10:45 am to 11:15 am EDT Is Volatility Here to Stay? by Kevin Davitt - Head of Index Options Content, Nasdaq

The macro backdrop has changed. Central banks are shifting from accommodation toward more restrictive monetary policy. The inflation that some predicted a decade ago is here. What does this all mean for the Nasdaq-100 Index and how can you be proactive if markets continue to swing with velocity?

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10:50 am to 11:20 am EDT Arm Your Portfolio with Professional Autotrading Strategies by Scott Andrews - CEO and Co-Founder, InvestiQuant

Volatility is crushing most portfolios, but it doesn't have to be that way. Fourteen years ago, we made our name helping investors take advantage of the 2008 recession using sophisticated, short-term trading strategies. These innovative techniques continue to work and are greatly outperforming in 2022. Best of all, advances in technology now allow client accounts to be traded alongside our own.That's right: Your account. Our strategies. Professional execution. You maintain 100% visibility, access, and control at all times. Join me to learn more and invest smarter.

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11:20 am to 11:50 am EDT Are You a Value or Growth Stock Investor? by Justin Carbonneau - Vice President, VALIDEA

Today's stock investor has access to robust tools and top-shelf investment research to help them uncover new stock ideas. But understanding how to use the metrics available to measure the fundamentals of stocks can be a challenging process. In this webinar, Validea's Justin Carbonneau will explain the fundamental variables that were utilized by some of history's best investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and Ben Graham and will explain how to apply those variables to find attractive value and growth stocks. This webinar will be valuable for investors interested in learning how to apply systematic methods to identify fundamentally sound stock opportunities and in helping investors determine if a value or growth investing approach is right for them.

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11:30 am to 12:00 pm EDT The World Has Slipped into a Recession by Louis Navellier - Editor, Growth Investor, Breakthrough Stocks, & Accelerated Profits

The US remains an oasis despite the chaos in the world. Americans are naturally optimistic, and our consumer-driven society so far has skirted a recession. However, the Fed is trying to re-establish its credibility by raising key interest rates and threatening to curtail existing economic growth. Engineering a "soft landing" has proven to be next to impossible in the past. I expect inflation to "crack" in September and decelerate to less than a 4% annual pace. The Fed has traditionally overshot when raising key interest rates, so it is imperative that after pricking the housing bubble that the Fed hits the "pause button" to ensure that the US economy does not slip into a recession. I will show investors my best recession-resistant stocks that I expect to prosper regardless of whether the US economy slips into a recession.

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12:00 pm to 12:30 pm EDT How to Love Bull Markets and Love Bear Markets Even More! by Mike Turner - President and Professional Portfolio Manager, Turner Capital Investments

Everyone can make money in a bull market, even professional asset managers. But the real test of a money-making strategy is how well it makes you money in a bear market. I'll show you exactly how you can put this strategy to work right now to make money in bull or bear markets. If you are a financial advisor, you do not want to attend this session...you won't like it!

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12:10 pm to 12:40 pm EDT Climate Investing for Inflation Protection and Growth by Roger Mortimer - Portfolio Manager, KraneShares

Investors need a new playbook for a different environment. Interest rates trended broadly lower for a generation, creating a favorable tailwind for investing in both bonds and stocks. With inflation pressures emerging and interest rates now rising, investors need a different approach to what worked previously. Rising interest rates hurt both bonds and growth stocks and stock selection will become more important. Investing in companies that are leading the fight against climate change presents a secular growth theme that is also consistent with an inflationary environment. In this discussion we will highlight why investors should have exposure to this important area.

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12:40 pm to 1:10 pm EDT The Best Way to Play the End of the "Tina" Trade by Genia Turanova - Lead Analyst and Editor, MoneyFlow Trader

We've been living in a TINA (There is no alternative) environment since the beginning of the pandemicmarket has literally given us no alternative to expensive, high-growth stocks if we wanted high returns. But with inflation raging, the TINA party is coming to an end. Here's how to play this new trend.

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1:20 pm to 1:50 pm EDT Cannabis 2.0: The East Coast Expansion Continues and Brands Emerge by Todd Sullivan - Co-CEO, Cannapreneur Partners

The east coast expansion is accelerating with NY, NJ, CT, and Rhode Island legalizing adult-use cannabis sales within the past year. Home to 40% of the US population, the east coast will be a significant driver of US cannabis growth for the next several years. Along with this growth has come the emergence of brands and brand specific M&A. Cannapreneur will walk you through this expansion and detail how brands are becoming increasingly valuable on the east coast.

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1:30 pm to 2:00 pm EDT Using Options to Help with FOMO Anxiety by Brian Overby - Senior Option Analyst, Ally Invest

Join Brian Overby, Ally Invest's senior options analyst, as he discusses how to use options as a FOMO trade when trying to pick a bottom in this marketplace. The goal of this event is to learn how options can be used to enhance a portfolio of stocks, even using them sometimes as a surrogate for owning 100 shares of stock outright. Brian's clear, example-driven style makes these concepts accessible to beginning and advanced traders alike.

What You'll Learn:

  • Things to think about when choosing option strike prices and expirations.
  • The concept of using call options as a surrogate for the stock.
  • The considerations when selling a covered call on a stock you already own.
  • The fig leaf strategy, the similarities, and differences to the covered call strategy.

Please join us for this open discussion on how to use options to enhance a portfolio of stocks and as an investment vehicle to attempt to manage risk during these turbulent times.

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2:00 pm to 2:30 pm EDT What if This Turns Out to Be a Terrible Time to Retire? by Christine Benz - Director of Personal Finance, Morningstar, Inc.

Low bond yields and elevated equity valuations suggest that new retirees are confronting a challenging environment. This presentation discusses some of these headwinds and shares strategies for troubleshooting them at the portfolio and financial plan levels. Christine Benz will also discuss Morningstar's recent research on safe withdrawal rates.

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2:10 pm to 2:40 pm EDT The Hidden Risks of Trading Options by Mark Benzaquen - Principal, Investor Education, OCC / The Options Industry Council

Trading options can result in some very real benefits—but there are very real risks, as well. And several of those risks might not be as evident as those with which many option investors are familiar. Join Mark Benzaquen from The Options Industry Council (OIC)SM as he discusses various scenarios and the hidden risks of trading options, including the potential effects of after-hours market news and corporate actions such as mergers and stock splits.

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2:40 pm to 3:10 pm EDT How Investing in Single-Family Homes Will Vastly Improve Your Future, Despite Higher Interest Rates by Adiel Gorel - Founder and CEO, International Capital Group

Interest rates have gone up by over two full percentage points in the past few months. Many investors feel discouraged. We need to realize that even after the massive rate hike, interest rates are now still historically low.

The United States is the only country in the world where you can get a 30-year fixed rate loan on investment homes. Inflation constantly erodes the true value of your debt, and inflation is now higher. This is discussed by Warren Buffett as well. Adiel Gorel will go into the details of this remarkable investment and its ability to better your financial future.

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2:50 pm to 3:20 pm EDT Trader Funding - Funded Futures Trading Accounts by John Skelton - Head of Operations, Apex Trader Funding

Join John Skelton with Apex Trader Funding as he shares with you the details of Funded Trading Accounts. Don't have enough funds to trade? Don't want to risk your own funds? Not enough funds to trade the size of contracts you want? Learn about the one step evaluation process to qualify for a funded futures trading account. The rules are very simple, four easy rules. No fine print or impossible rules to ever meet. Learn about the psychological advantages to trading a funded account as opposed to risking your own funds. Learn how you can have multiple evaluation and paid performance accounts and trade them at the same time with a click of a button to potentially spread out your risk and multiple rewards.

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3:20 pm to 3:50 pm EDT DIY Wealth Builder with This One Common Indicator by Samantha LaDuc - Founder, LaDucTrading.com

Boring can be quite profitable. In this webinar, Samantha will reveal the one indicator you can apply on any charting or trading platform that will absolutely help you enter and stay on the right side of any trade, as well as give you the confidence to make Big Calls for out-sized gains.

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3:40 pm to 4:10 pm EDT What Really Goes on in the Stock Market? by Ray D'Argenio - Trader and Co-Lead Educator, EquitiesETC Trading School

Ray D'Argenio, a professional systematic game theory optimal driven retail trader, is joined by JJ, a market maker of 20 years (better known in the trading industry as vwaptrader1) to discuss what really goes on in the stock market.

This session will include a deep look into who is on the opposite end of your trade, how they think, how they execute, and how they are using automation in some cases to have a major edge against you. Both JJ and Ray will go into ways to switch this edge to your side with basic understanding and use of Market Profile, while giving you an understanding of the basic business model that institutional banks and funds are using.

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4:00 pm to 4:30 pm EDT The New FAANGs by Chris Temple - Editor and Publisher, National Investor Publishing

The most important investing theme you can embrace is The New FAANGs. The former FAANG darlings-Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google-were winners for many years. But now, they have fallen on hard times early in this new bear market for numerous reasons.

Meanwhile, The National Investor has been among the first to highlight The New FAANGs: entire sectors and themes set to be market leaders in the years ahead of us due to a confluence of factors: energy crises, green energy transition attempts, shortages, conflicts over resources and currencies, resource nationalism, and more.

Those new FAANGs are: fuels, aerospace & defense, agriculture, nuclear, and gold/other metals.

In his newest MoneyShow presentation, Chris will give an overview of the factors underpinning each of these themesinsights into the specific recommendations he is making these days to his members. And he'll be answering your questions as wellproviding some follow-up resources for those that want more details.

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4:50 pm to 5:20 pm EDT Trading Options with Tom Sosnoff by Tom Sosnoff - Founder & Co-CEO, tastytrade

Join trading legend and serial entrepreneur, Tom Sosnoff, for a 30-minute real-time earnings strategy session utilizing the tastyworks platform.

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5:30 pm to 6:00 pm EDT A Red Flag in Crypto Equities by Ryan Wilday - Analyst, Cryptocurrency Trading Service, ElliottWaveTrader.net

While Bitcoin remains over long-term support, many crypto equities broke down, putting them in a dangerous position. What happened, and what do we do next?

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10:00 am to 10:40 am EDT Inflation: The Disease Biden, the Fed, and Congress Don't Know How to Fight by Steve Forbes - Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media

As inflation surges, a desperate political class may resort to price controls, which do more harm than good. The Fed may panic and back off the inflation fight as the economy slows and foreign currencies plummet.

There are two simple ways to fell inflation—but power holders don't want to hear them.

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10:40 am to 11:10 am EDT What Has Been a Strong Market Since Before the Start of the New York Stock Exchange in 1792? by Eric Harmon - Director of Operations, Preferred Coin Exchange

This market has performed extremely well for hundreds of years and has only been available to the masses for about 150 years. Done correctly, it has historically outperformed stocks, bonds, housing, and bullion by a significant margin! Most MoneyShow clients have been missing this exploding market in a big way. In this webinar, Eric Harmon with Preferred Coin Exchange will discuss how to strategically get in while you still can. While many have been caught up in NFTs and cryptocurrencies as the latest fad, this tried-and-true market is in its golden age, surpassing expectations.

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11:00 am to 1:00 pm EDT EminiMind Pro Trading Strategy: Day Trade the E-Mini S&P Futures 90-Minutes a Day by Tim Racette - Trader and Founder, EminiMind.com

In this in-depth course, Tim Racette, trader and founder of EminiMind.com, will go over the basics of setting up your chart (on any platform), give an overview of the strategy, and gain an understanding of how to identify trend days versus range-bound days. We will walk through the basic charting tools and how to assess various support and resistance levels. Tim will also go through all the ins and outs of placing and managing your trades. Where to set your stops, how to manage winners, and what protections you can put in place to limit drawdowns. We will finish up with some helpful tips for trading the E-mini futures, and a bonus lesson.

Part 1: The Basics
  • Identifying the trend
  • Chart setup
  • Strategy basics
Part 2–Technical Analysis
  • Drawing Fibs
  • 512 Tick Chart/Heikin Ashi
Part 3–Trade Execution & Management
  • Order entry
  • Entry, stops, and targets
  • Managing trades
  • Dealing with drawdowns
  • Helpful tips
Bonus Lesson–The NYSE Tick
This bonus lesson will cover the most helpful tool for day trading the E-mini S&P. The NYSE Tick is by far the best way to pinpoint your entries and exits.
*$139.00 per person if purchased by 6/20/2022
$139.00 per person if purchased after 6/20/2022
If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date
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11:20 am to 11:50 am EDT Second Half of 2022 Stock Market Outlook by Steve Reitmeister - CEO, StockNews.com

40-year investment veteran Steve Reitmeister reviews the first half of the year to help us appreciate what lies ahead. That includes a discussion of how to not only survive...but thrive in this bear market, along with a trading plan and top picks to stay one step ahead of the pack.

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11:30 am to 12:00 pm EDT How to Set Up a Trading Business for Optimal Tax Savings by Robert Green, CPA - CEO, GreenTraderTax.com

If you are eligible for trader tax status (TTS), consider setting up a trading business to maximize tax benefits. Join Robert A. Green, CPA of GreenTraderTax.com, to learn how to deduct trading business expenses, elect Section 475 MTM for tax losses and a 20% QBI deduction and deduct health insurance and retirement plan contributions.

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12:00 pm to 12:30 pm EDT Three Unique and Differentiated ETFs for Today's Market by Kevin Kelly - CEO, Kelly ETFs

Today's market calls for differentiated and idiosyncratic strategies and Kelly ETFs will present three ETFs to help investors potentially diversify their portfolios. One ETF is a biotechnology strategy that is seeking to revolutionize healthcare focusing on CRISPR, one is a US-focused strategy to potentially capitalize on inflation, and the final ETF is set to benefit from the reopening of the economy as we go from pandemic to endemic.

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12:40 pm to 1:10 pm EDT Finding the True Low by Allison Ostrander - Director of Risk Tolerance, Simpler Trading

Most traders struggle to know when a stock's price is truly "low." When a stock is going down, it can be extremely risky to buy too soon, or waiting too long can cause you to miss most of the move. Countless traders have gone broke trying to pick a bottom (especially when the market is going down). That's why Allison Ostrander developed her strategy for finding the True Low and uses it to limit her risk and buy bargain stocks with confidence.

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1:20 pm to 1:50 pm EDT Household CPG Brands Now Entering the Cannabis and Psychedelic Sector by Klee Irwin - Founder, Irwin Naturals

For 28 years, Irwin Naturals has been a household name brand in the US. It is embarking on a landgrab for the Coca-Cola first mover advantage in two of the most disruptive new industries; cannabis and psychedelics. This talk will focus on the power of large brands to bring profitability to investors in these two sectors. The company is highly profitable and not asking the investment community to finance a burn-rate. Company profits for 2023 are solidly forecasted at $56 million with 2024 ballooning to $112 million.

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1:30 pm to 2:00 pm EDT Customized Portfolio Protection and Why We Think One Should Have It by Matt Tullis - Founder, Chief Investment Officer, and Fund Manager, Regents Park Advisors

With the volatility and market drops we have seen in 2022, it has been a rough year for lots of investors. If you are invested in stocks, bonds, or even cash, you have probably seen a drop in purchasing power. Learn how we think you should be helping to protect yourself from market drops and volatile times like this.

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2:00 pm to 2:30 pm EDT Always Know When to Sell Your ETFs by Jim Woods - Editor, Successful Investing, Intelligence Report

Everyone tells you when and what to buy, but few people tell you when to sell your stocks. In this presentation, ETF expert Jim Woods tells you how he and his subscribers got out of the market in January, well before the market collapsed, simply by following a proven, 40-plus-year trend-following plan.

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2:10 pm to 2:40 pm EDT Use Stocks, Options, or Futures to Reverse Volatility Swings in Your Investments Adrian Manz - Co-Founder and Daily Contributor, TraderInsight.com Julie Manz - Co-Founder and Contributor, TraderInsight.com

War, inflation, monetary policy, seven-dollar gasoline, and an out-of-control housing market have made 2022 one of the most treacherous investment environments most people have ever seen. But, against this backdrop, Adrian and Julie Manz and hundreds of the traders they've trained managed to profit from the volatility. Join Julie and Adrian in an information-packed seminar and learn to use the morning chaos to predict big intraday moves with high reliability and confidence. This session will teach you the strategy and psychology that can turn opening bell jitters into eager anticipation of a successful day.

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2:40 pm to 3:10 pm EDT The Retail Renaissance - Why You Should Consider a REIT Focused on Necessity Retail by Michael Weil - CEO, The Necessity Retail REIT

Join Michael Weil, CEO of The Necessity Retail REIT (Nasdaq:RTL)—Where America Shops, for a discussion about the compelling investment opportunity RTL provides investors. Mr. Weil will focus on the strength, performance, and resilience of RTL's portfolio of more than 1,000 primarily necessity retail single tenant and open-air shopping center properties net-leased on a long-term basis to a predominantly investment-grade tenant base. We are witnessing a retail renaissance where retailers are increasingly recognizing the value of an omnichannel approach and the importance of having a physical presence. RTL's properties are located in strong suburban communities and are the brick-and-mortar locations that represent the last mile in retail, the places consumers continue to visit every day to receive goods and services. Investors looking for exposure to a necessity retail real estate portfolio, strong quarterly dividends and growth potential should consider an investment in RTL. The knowledge you gain by attending this session will provide you with an appreciation for the value RTL can bring to your portfolio.

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2:50 pm to 3:20 pm EDT How Revolutionary AI Is Impacting the Risk-Growth Factors of Investing by Randy Tate - CEO & Co-Founder, iFlip Investor, Inc.

Throughout almost every aspect of society, our world is continuously improving through the presence and integration of predictive intelligence and automation. This technology helps people with convenience, protection from error, and accessibility. So why is finance so behind the curve on it? Why is predictive intelligence and automation increasingly present and easy in so many fields but financial institutions? More importantly, how does that affect our financial future, and how could effective automation improve our financial future while making involvement in the markets both safer and easier?

Learn about how exciting new changes with FinTech are restructuring the approach to rebalancing, protection, and returns. Discover how advances in revolutionary AI by iFlip can help with risk management and growth, while also shifting perspective on long-term investing approaches.

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3:20 pm to 3:50 pm EDT Your Mid-Year Check Out by Keith Fitz-Gerald - Founder, One Bar Ahead™

There are still plenty of opportunities on the horizon but choosing wisely is more critical than ever. Keith will highlight where the money is moving, why, and how to best position your portfolio. Contrary to what many investors believe, you can position for profits while also protecting against unknown risk.

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3:30 pm to 4:00 pm EDT The Implied Volatility Edge by Sean McLaughlin - Chief Options Strategist, AllStarCharts.com

In this webinar, Sean McLaughlin will discuss how implied volatility helps options traders determine the right strategy to employ when expressing a bullish, bearish, or neutral trade thesis.

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4:10 pm to 4:40 pm EDT Enabling Next-Generation Opto-Electronic Solutions by Thomas Mika - Executive Vice President and CFO, POET Technologies

POET Technologies is a leader in the silicon photonics trend that's changing the semiconductor game-moving data at light speed for today's data-hungry technologies. POET is taking optical data transmission to the next level with our proven method for efficiently integrating photonics and electronics. The centerpiece: our patented Optical Interposer, which consolidates components onto a single, scalable platform that dramatically reduces assembly time and cuts costs by as much as half. In short, POET is lighting the way in hybrid silicon photonics-for applications ranging from data centers to health sensors, IoT to 5G, and AI to EV.

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4:50 pm to 5:20 pm EDT Advanced Dollar-Cost-Averaging Techniques by Oliver Velez - Chief Trading Officer and CEO, iFundTraders

Join Oliver Velez for this in-depth session, designed to bring you the latest intelligence available so you can identify and profit from the opportunities in today's markets. The knowledge you gain by attending this session can help you make better investing or trading decisions tomorrow.

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5:20 pm to 6:00 pm EDT What to Expect When You're Expecting Volatility? Craig Bewick - Senior Director of Client Development and Sales, CME Group John Bria - Business Development Manager, Akuna Capital Kevin Davitt - Head of Index Options Content, Nasdaq Scott Nations - President, Nations Indexes, Inc.

The ecosystem for trading volatility is growing. VOLQ Index Options and VOLQ futures are here. What does that mean for you? Join Nasdaq's Kevin Davitt, Nations Indexes' Scott Nations, CME's Craig Bewick, and Akuna Capital's John Bria for a discussion about the current state of volatility.

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10:00 am to 10:30 am EDT Using the Volatility Index to Gauge the Market by Kenneth Mahoney - President and CEO, Mahoney Asset Management

In this session, Ken Mahoney will speak about positioning, when you should add shares, and when you should exit. You will also learn about proper money management techniques, like placing stop orders, how to approach earnings/earnings season, and how to use the volatility index as telltale sign of when to increase/decrease your exposure.

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11:20 am to 11:50 am EDT Riding the Bear to the Midterm Bottom by Jeffrey Hirsch - Editor-in-Chief, The Stock Trader's Almanac & Almanac Investor

Cash is a position and patience is in order as we navigate the worst months of the year and the weak spot of the four-year cycle. But 2022 is setting up for a prototypical midterm bottom hitting its low point in late Q3 or early Q4 in the August-October period, just ahead of the midterm elections. Jeff will show you how to navigate this volatility and be ready for the next bull market rally. Inflation is stubbornly remaining at multi-decade highs, the Fed is tightening, sentiment is bearish, support levels are not holding, supply chain disruptions persist, there is conflict in Europe and energy prices are at record highs for consumers. Continue to be patient as the weak spot of the four-year-cycle will eventually give way to the sweet spot, likely sometime later in Q3 or in early Q4. Even with inflation at multi-decade highs, cash is likely the least risky place to wait.

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12:00 pm to 12:30 pm EDT The Most Important Chart of the Day by David Keller, CMT - Chief Market Strategist, StockCharts.com

What's the first chart you look at every trading day? David has a morning coffee routine that begins with a weekly chart of the S&P 500 along with a proprietary technical analysis model based on trend following and price momentum. In this session, he'll share why this chart is so important to his daily routine, what it's telling him about the current market environment, and how to avoid the key mistake many novice investors make with technical analysis!

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12:40 pm to 1:10 pm EDT Parkinson's Disease: Can FGF-1 Reverse This Disease and Other Brain Disorders? Jack Jacobs - President and Chief Scientific Officer, Zhittya Genesis Medicine, Inc. Daniel Montano - CEO, Zhittya Genesis Medicine, Inc.

Human FGF-1 is a potent growth factor that has been shown to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, as well as new neurons, in animal models of Parkinson's disease and other brain disorders. In this talk, this previous research will be reviewed, as well as the presentation of late-breaking results from a just completed first human study examining the intranasal delivery of FGF-1 to subjects with Parkinson's disease.

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1:20 pm to 1:50 pm EDT Use the TTM Squeeze Indicator to Catch Bigger-Than-Expected Moves by Taylor Horton - VP of Directional Options Strategies, Simpler Trading

Taylor Horton will discuss how to utilize the TTM Squeeze indicator to identify high-probability setups across multiple timeframes. At the end of the presentation, Taylor will walk through how he curates his squeeze watchlist based on his buy and sell signals. The Squeeze indicator allows him to identify when a stock is setting up to make a bigger than expected move, typically with a focus on weekly and daily timeframes. Taylor will show how he builds his position in a stock before the momentum begins, which allows him the ability to take profits into the ensuing strength. He uses a mix of moving averages, Keltner channels, and other indicators to accurately determine the direction of the next move. Join Taylor Horton and let him show you the power of the TTM squeeze, and why he believes a trading career can be built around this one setup.

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2:00 pm to 2:30 pm EDT Are ETFs a Strong Play in Our Current Market Situation? Jeffrey Hirsch - Editor-in-Chief, The Stock Trader's Almanac & Almanac Investor Kevin Kelly - CEO, Kelly ETFs Anthony Sassine - Senior Investment Strategist, KraneShares

Whatever your investing style or financial goals, this panel of experts can guide you with the strategies to set your portfolio on a path to profits. Join this lively discussion of how to make the most of the current financial markets and hear about the best ideas for opportunities in today's global markets.

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2:40 pm to 3:10 pm EDT How to Trade Seasonal Trends for Stocks, Commodities, and Crypto Products by John Person - CEO, John Person, Inc.

There's an abundance of stocks, commodity, and even crypto-related markets that have defined seasonal trends developing from early June until mid-August. Join John Person as he shares first how to acquire the trend using several trade platforms, including Genesis and Thinkorswim, then he will help show how to trade these trends using traditional entry order methods and how and when to apply options strategies. In addition, he will share how Algo created trading systems can give traders an edge in identifying when to stay with a trend. This is an exciting time as a trader with so many choices of products and vehicles to trade in this "sell in May, go away" time frame. Most traders are aware that even in bull markets not all products go up, inversely in bear markets there are gems that present great buying opportunities. The key is to learn how to harness these opportunities and have positive end results. The goal of this session is to show the audience exactly how to stack the odds in their favor to achieve a greater chance of success.

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3:20 pm to 3:50 pm EDT How to Trade Winning Gaps and Breakouts by Ken Calhoun - President, TradeMastery.com

Ken Calhoun will show you how to trade new stock swing trading gap and breakout patterns for 2022's volatile markets. You will learn practical, step-by-step patterns to use when trading gap and breakout entries with candle charts, and how to find and manage your trade entries from start to finish. In this fast-paced session, you will learn how to: Find the best-moving swing trading breakout charts to trade, avoid false breakouts with the use of volume and candlestick patterns, set your entries for trading gap continuations for multiday swingtrades, time your exits to avoid large stops and missed profits, and trade inverse ETFs like UVXY and SQQQ that go up during market selloffs.

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4:00 pm to 4:30 pm EDT How to Generate Income from Gold by David Morgan - Precious Metals Analyst, TheMorganReport.com

Gold stocks have the highest Beta in the stock market. This provides above-average spreads in the options market. Learn to earn strong cash flow with just a few top-tier mining companies.

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4:40 pm to 5:10 pm EDT How to Manage Your Trades Like a Pro by Oliver Velez - Chief Trading Officer and CEO, iFundTraders

Join Oliver Velez for this in-depth session, designed to bring you the latest intelligence available so you can identify and profit from the opportunities in today's markets. The knowledge you gain by attending this session can help you make better investing or trading decisions tomorrow.


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