Whether you’re an investor or trader, we have over 35 live sessions designed to provide you with in-depth analysis and specific strategies on everything ETF-related, from actively managed to buffered, leveraged, non-equity, smart beta, thematic, and more! To help you focus on what interests you most, sessions will be tagged with keywords and we'll even provide you with personalized recommendations based on your unique interests. Please check back often as we continue to add speakers in the days ahead.

(All Presentations Will Be in Eastern Time Zone)

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9:30 am to 10:00 am ET The MoneySense ETF All-Stars and Their Role in Establishing Financial Independence and Generating Retirement Income by Jonathan Chevreau - Columnist, MoneySense

Now in its 9th year, the ETF All-Stars helps Canadian investors narrow down the field of ETFs from the more than 1,000 currently available to a short list of roughly 50, spanning Canadian equities, US equities, international, fixed income, and one-decision asset allocation ETFs. Jon Chevreau spearheads a panel of eight ETF experts, who also contribute more eclectic individual picks through the popular Desert Island pick feature.

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10:05 am to 10:35 am ET Using ETFs to Tap into the Innovative Healthcare Sector by Tarik Aeta, CFA - Vice President, Portfolio Manager, and Global Healthcare Analyst, TD Asset Management

Healthcare has been top-of-mind for the last almost two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen unprecedented vaccine rollouts. However, there are much more innovations in the works and to get excited about as well. Tune into to discover what the key drivers of growth in this growing sector are and information on the new innovative TD Healthcare ETF.

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10:40 am to 11:10 am ET Top Tips for Long-Term Investing Success with ETFs by Rob Carrick - Columnist, The Globe and Mail

Exchange-traded funds are a strong building block for a lifetime's successful investing, but there are more than 1,000 ETFs listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Based on 25 years of covering ETFs, Rob Carrick will discuss his best ideas on how to choose the right funds for your portfolio and achieve long-term investing success.

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11:15 am to 11:45 am ET Investing for the Modern Marketplace: Portfolio and Thematic ETFs by Steve Hawkins - President and CEO, Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc.

The investing paradigm has changed: Recent global economic policies and market dynamics have created conditions that increasingly favor equities, ESG investments, or burgeoning themes that could shape our future. The question: How can investors navigate this new era in investing? Join Steve Hawkins, president and CEO of Horizons ETFs, for a presentation focused on how investors can use ETFs to make the most of today's modern marketplace. This seminar will include the growth in portfolio ETFs, achieving exposure to burgeoning sectors with thematic ETFs, and what to consider when assessing your portfolio's equity/fixed income allocation.

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11:50 am to 12:20 pm ET An Exploration of Key Investment Themes by Kristina Hooper - Chief Global Market Strategist, Invesco

Thematic investing is taking on increasing importance for investors. Kristina Hooper of Invesco will explore some compelling investment themes for the short and longer term.

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12:25 pm to 12:55 pm ET Institutional Uses of Exchange Traded Funds by Bobby Eng - SVP, Head of Platform and Institutional ETF Distribution, Franklin Templeton Canada

Institutional investors continue to use ETFs in a variety of different strategies. Learn about the most popular institutional ETF strategies and gain knowledge on how these strategies can be applied to individual investment portfolios. Gain perspective on the current Global ETF market and how to incorporate institutional ETF strategies as portfolios management tools.

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1:00 pm to 1:30 pm ET 10 ETFs to Watch in the Next Year by Eric Balchunas - Senior ETF Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence

The ETF industry is the like the Silicon Valley of the investment world with hundreds of new products launching each year and as a crossroads for many investment trends. In this presentation you'll hear from Eric Balchunas about 10 ETFs on the market that Bloomberg research analysts are watching that tap into the biggest trends and themes on market.

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1:35 pm to 2:05 pm ET Investing in a Post-Pandemic World: What Has Changed and What Remains the Same by Michael Cooke - SVP, Head of Exchange Traded Funds, Mackenzie Investments

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the global economic outlook for 2021 and beyond. Michael Cooke will discuss what it means for investors and how they should approach portfolio construction as the economy re-opens.

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2:10 pm to 2:40 pm ET Introduction to Sustainable Investing by Tim Nash - Founder, Good Investing

Sustainable investing is gaining momentum as more investors realize that they can earn good financial returns while aligning their investments with their values. Join Tim Nash, founder of Good Investing, as he discusses how retail investors can implement sustainable investment strategies including socially responsible investing (SRI); environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integration; impact investing; and fossil fuel divestment.

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2:45 pm to 3:15 pm ET Managing Risk with Low Volatility Investing Kevin Prins, MBA, CIM, FCS - Managing Director, Head of ETF Sales, BMO Exchange Traded Funds Mark Raes, CFA, MBA - Managing Director and Head of Product, ETFs, BMO Exchange Traded Funds

Low-volatility equity strategies aim to provide market-like returns with significantly lower risk. They accomplish this by offering downside risk management and meaningful upside participation. Given their defensive nature, investors want to know how low-volatility strategies belong in a strategic asset allocation. In this session, Kevin Prins and Mark Raes of BMO ETFs will discuss how a strategic allocation to low volatility may help an investor achieve various outcomes, and how that allocation fits into a broader portfolio.

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3:20 pm to 3:50 pm ET Covid 19 - An Event or a Condition? by Benjamin Tal - Deputy Chief Economist, CIBC Capital Markets

Can the economy function alongside the virus? Should we lose sleep over inflation? Where are interest rates headed? Can the job market operate normally alongside government support? What should we expect when governments stop spending? Who will pay down that debt? What's reasonable to expect from the housing market? Among other topics, the session will discuss the nature and sustainability of economic recovery and identify winners and losers.

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4:00 pm to 5:00 pm ET How to Choose the Right ETF Strategy for Your Portfolio Prerna Chandak - Vice President of ETF Product and Strategy, Mackenzie Investments Julia Howe - Vice President, Business Development, Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc. Lisa Langley - CEO and President, Emerge Canada, Inc. Erika Toth - Director, Institutional and Advisory, Eastern Canada, BMO ETFs

With so many ETFs on the market today, and more launching every year, it can be tough to determine which product will work best in your portfolio. In this panel discussion, you will hear from some of Canada's leading female ETF experts on how investors should evaluate the ever-expanding ETF landscape and walk away with simple strategies to help you get started.

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9:30 am to 10:00 am ET Return and Risk vs. Participation and Protection: The Future of Balanced Portfolios by Larry Berman - Partner and Chief Investment Officer, ETF Capital Management

Timing the market with perfection is next to impossible. It has always been about balance for most investors. Historically, the risk mitigation (the protection part) of your portfolio came from fixed-income. This asset class is severely impaired with the colossal amount of debt in the world. Inflation pressure makes this asset class even more challenging. Larry Berman will highlight what his macro risk models are suggesting about market opportunity, where we need to be cautious, and how advisors can protect and participate in markets without using traditional fixed-income to provide the new 60:40 balance portfolios will need in the future.

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10:05 am to 10:35 am ET Technology in a Post-Covid World: Better, Faster, Stronger by Vitali Mossounov - Vice President, Portfolio Manager, and Global Technology Analyst, TD Asset Management

Technology was growing exponentially before the pandemic, and had to grow even faster as a result of it. Tune in to find out why there is still more to get excited about, and what TD ETF offers a global pure-technology solution.

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10:40 am to 11:10 am ET How to Pick the Right ETFs for Your Portfolio by Moez Mahrez - Investment Analyst, 5i Research

ETFs give individual investors flexibility, access to various exposures and instant diversification. However, with so many options for even the same type of exposure it can be overwhelming to sort through all the options. This session will help investors know what factors to pay attention to when comparing ETFs and how to pick ETFs that complement their respective portfolios.

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11:15 am to 11:45 am ET To Live on the Beach Like Jimmy Buffett, Learn to Invest Better than Warren Buffett by Joseph Belmonte - Founder, Buffett and Beyond Research

You can outperform any ETF or index by selecting the best stocks in that ETF or index. The Buffett and Beyond Clean Surplus Finance model has outperformed the S&P 500 by almost 3 to 1 on a compounded basis since 2003. When this methodology is applied to ETFs, we can outperform almost all industry and index ETFs. Over a 5-year period, Buffett and Beyond model portfolios have outperformed some ETFs by as much as a 3 to 1 margin. If you want to differentiate yourselves in the ETF marketplace, this is the strategy for you.

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11:50 am to 12:20 pm ET Think Canadian, Think Canadian ETFs by Lisa Langley - CEO and President, Emerge Canada, Inc.

Participating in innovation is exciting, and you can do so right here at home with Canadian-listed ETFs. As Canadian investors you have access to the US-listed ETFs, meaning that you have access to top-performing and famous innovation strategies. However, if that same innovation strategy is available to you in Canadian-listed form why are you still buying US? You can participate in innovation in Canada through Canadian-listed ETFs.

Lisa Langley, CEO and founder of Emerge Canada, Inc., will be discussing the importance of allocating and investing in innovation and also the importance of how you are investing in innovation. She believes that it's time to buy local—buy Canadian—buy Canadian-made ETFs.

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12:25 pm to 12:55 pm ET Why Most Investors Need Goals-Based Investing by Mark Yamada - President and Chief Executive Officer, PUR Investing, Inc.

Goals-based investing is the most appropriate way to manage money for investors who must save and plan for life's events, from college for the kids to vacations and retirement. Improving the likelihood of achieving goals on time presents a unique problem for investment professionals-not one of simple return maximization. ETFs make goals-based investing approachable for everyone.

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1:00 pm to 1:30 pm ET Seasonal Investing in the Post-Covid-19 Economic Transition by Brooke Thackray - Research Analyst, Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc.

As the world moves forward following the economic disruptions of the Covid-19 pandemic, seasonal investing can offer a strategic approach focused on investing based on historically demonstrated seasonal trends. Join Brooke Thackray, research analyst at Horizons ETFs, as he explores the seasonal investing lessons of the past year and the sectors, asset classes, and commodities that could benefit through 2021 and beyond.

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1:35 pm to 2:05 pm ET Bullshift: Optimism Bias in the Financial Advice Business by John De Goey - Portfolio Manager, Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, Inc.

John De Goey will be talking about a challenge to advisors and investors alike - Optimism Bias. It is just one of many behavioral quirks that we all fall prey to, but one that might do the most harm in the current high-valuation environment. The term he uses to describe the industry's mindset is Bullshift - a cheeky portmanteau that combines the unbridled optimism of bullishness with the industry's unwavering ability to shift attention toward good news - no matter what the circumstances tell us.

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2:10 pm to 3:10 pm ET How to Strategically Utilize ETFs in Your Portfolio Mark Bunting - Publisher and Host, Uncommon Sense Investor John O'Connell - Chairman and CEO, Davis Rea Investment Counsel Som Seif - Founder and CEO, Purpose Investments, Inc.

Entrepreneur Som Seif, founder and CEO of Purpose Investments, explains how investors can strategically incorporate ETFs as mechanisms and tools in their portfolios to amplify profit and preserve capital. Mr. Seif will be in discussion with Mark Bunting, publisher and host of Uncommon Sense Investor, and John O'Connell, chairman and CEO of Davis Rea Investment Counsel.

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3:10 pm to 3:40 pm ET True Tactical Investing Using ETFs and Relative Strength by Ted Bader - President, SIA Wealth Management, Inc.

This webinar will cover how to use ETFs to be tactical in today's environment and how Ted Bader and SIA Wealth Management use the SIA Charts system of relative strength to make these selections. He will also cover how the company has built two ETFs with BMO that are truly tactical.

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3:40 pm to 4:10 pm ET ETFs: The "NEW" Investment Product by Pat Dunwoody - Executive Director, Canadian ETF Association

Pat Dunwoody will speak about why ETFs are being considered a new investment option for many investors, even though it is 30 years old, and where the industry is going. She will also try to debunk several of the ETF myths that continue to circulate.

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4:10 pm to 4:40 pm ET Canadian ETF Trends: A Hotbed of Activity and Innovation by Tiffany Zhang - Analyst, ETFs and Financial Products Research, National Bank Financial

2021 is shaping up to be a record-breaking year of inflows for the ETF industry in both Canada and the United States. What segments of the market have been gaining traction? What are some of the interesting trends in fund flows? What themes and investment styles are growing in popularity? What new products are being launched? Tiffany Zhang, ETF analyst with National Bank's ETF Research and Strategy group, is here to answer these questions and provide an overview of the ETF landscape for Canadian investors.

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4:45 pm to 5:30 pm ET Innovation Unchained: How to Capture Long-Term Growth with ETFs Eric Balchunas - Senior ETF Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence Trevor Cummings - Vice President, ETF Distribution, TD Asset Management Duane Green - President and CEO, Franklin Templeton Canada Steve Hawkins - President and CEO, Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc. Naseem Husain - Vice President, ETFs, Mackenzie Investments

For those interested in investing in disruptive technologies, the path can be both rewarding and complex. However, capturing these growth trends requires in-depth research paired with a diversified approach. In this panel, you'll hear from a roster of ETF experts whose companies are at the forefront of this technology revolution and will examine the best ways for investors to capitalize on long-term growth trends.


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