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Discover the Major Themes & Trends That Will Affect Your Portfolio...

Meet and hear from some of the country's top money experts who will share their knowledge and expertise with you. Our mission is to arm you with the information and tools you need to help make you a more successful investor. Learn:

  • How to Profit from Catalyst Events in the Stock Market
  • Two Keys to Short-Term Profits in Today's Market
  • Investing for Income in a Low-Yield Environment
  • How to Spot Major Trend Reversals with Elliott Waves and Socionomics
  • Which High-Yield Dividend Stocks Will Make It Through the Recovery?
  • Time-Proven 21st Century Strategies
  • How to Monetize Market Moves and Take Timely Profits
  • The Art and Science of Understanding Fundamentals in the Energy Sector


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Steve Forbes

Forbes Media

Keith Fitz-Gerald

Fitz-Gerald Group

Stephen Schork

The Schork Group

Stephen Moore

Committee to Unleash Prosperity

Jonathan Ward

China's Vision of Victory

Peter Schiff

Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.

Danielle Shay

Simpler Trading

Daniel Gramza

Gramza Capital Management, Inc.

Nicholas Vardy

The Oxford Club

Louis Navellier

Growth Investor, Breakthrough Stocks, & Accelerated Profits

Natalie Pace

The ABCs of Money

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Get just-released research and analysis for investors and traders, educational videos and articles, and exclusive discounts while winning great prizes in the Virtual Exhibit Hall featuring dozens of the world’s leading financial product-and-service providers. Plus, ask questions and schedule meetings with company experts via interactive message boards!

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A Sampling of the Live Presentations:

(All Presentations Will Be in Eastern Time Zone)

Why do traders place so much emphasis on forecasts and why does the market react when these estimations miss the mark?

For example, for crude oil to have value it must be refined into individual petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and liquified petroleum gas. Therefore, crude oil's worth is correlative to the economics of each of its underlying derivatives, approximately sixteen in all. Speculative estimates of weekly inflows and outflows of crude oil and its numerous byproducts is specious, i.e., seemingly plausible, but actually deficient.

The reason for this is that there are numerous factors that affect price volatility. For example, crude oil derivatives are spread across five distinct regional markets, each of which has discrete dynamics. Further muddling any forecasts, seasonal volatility and many other supply and demand fluctuations need to be taken into account.

This session will show the savvy trader how to cut through the noise of readily available market data, extract what is instrumental, and leverage this output to develop robust trading strategies.

In the 21st Century, buy and hope has cost investors half of their wealth in the first two recessions and up to 35% in the 2020 Recession. That's riding a Wall Street rollercoaster, where you have to use the bull markets to regain losses. As Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell admitted in August at Jackson Hole, expansions today end with "episodes of financial instability."

There is a time-proven 21st Century strategy that earned gains in the last two recessions while outperforming the bull markets in between. Learn how to protect your wealth, lean into the hottest areas of the market, and avoid industries that are in trouble. That might sound complicated. However, it's easy as a pie-chart.

Elliott Wave International's Chief Equity Analyst for Asia and Emerging Markets, Mark Galasiewski (gala-SHEV-skee), shows you how he has used the timing of headline news events such as terrorist attacks, political scandals, and even epidemic disease outbreaks to support his bullish forecasts for Asian and emerging market stocks. Using real-time examples published in EWI's monthly Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast, he will reveal how Asia and emerging markets offer an extraordinary laboratory for observing social events through the lens of Socionomics, Robert Precthter's theory of financial and social causality. You will learn principles that you can apply to any major stock market index in the world, and you will come away better equipped to capitalize on the counterintuitive relationship between social mood, markets, and news.

Tesla disrupted cars. Facebook disrupted the media and advertising. Netflix disrupted Hollywood. Disruptive technologies are nothing new. Canals and railroads disrupted transportation in the 1840s. Oil and steel disrupted manufacturing in the 1890s. Electricity, radio, and cars disrupted American's daily lives in the 1920s. The pioneers who led these disruptions generated generational fortunes. But each disruption also set off financial manias where average investors lost their shirts. This presentation will equip you with a historical perspective that will help you falling in to the same trap.

Dividend growth investing has increased in popularity over the past decade. The concept is simple. Buy a basket of stocks that raise their dividends annually, reinvest the dividends, and hold for a longer period of time. In this discussion, Prakash Kolli covers the advantages and risks of dividend growth investing. Stocks that have grown their dividend for decades are few-in-number but include some very well-known ones. He will discuss the Dividend Kings, which have raised the dividend for 50+ years, and the Dividend Champions, which have raised the dividend for 25+ years. Mr. Kolli considers what it takes for a stock to achieve this status.

When the pandemic-induced lockdowns started last year many companies suspended or severely cut back their dividend payments to conserve cash. Some have restarted, some are waiting, some may be a while until they restart, and some may not even survive. Those that haven't restarted dividends or won't for a while are close to dead money for investors. Those already paying dividends again—even in small amounts to start—are what Tim Plaehn considers to be alive. In this discussion he will look at some of the better-known names in the high-yield space to determine which stocks you should consider dead, which to consider alive, and how to make the call.

Seasoned Wall Street trader Bryan Perry lays out in detail his AI-driven Hi-Tech Trader advisory service. With the use of a proprietary algorithm that only screens for liquid tech stocks, he maintains a portfolio of 5-10 trading positions with a 22-day time horizon, making Hi-Tech Trader a fantastic swing trading service for investors that want to trade tech stocks and only tech stocks.

When companies go through corporate change, there can be anomalies in the stock price for the investor to exploit. These "Special Situations" are under-covered, are a great source of returns, and often unpublicized. Jim Osman, founder of The Edge Consulting Group and a regular contributor to Barron's, WSJ, and Bloomberg, will give his insights on what to look for in order to profit from them.

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