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Garrett Patten

Senior Analyst, US Equities and US & World Indices


Garrett Patten is a technical analyst and chief educator for elliottwavetrader.net, a live trading room featuring Elliott Wave analysis on market indices and stocks. The articles and analysis from ElliottWaveTrader appear regularly on Seeking Alpha, thestreet.com, and MarketWatch. Mr. Patten's focus is primarily on equity futures and demonstrating the capabilities of unconventional technical analysis.

Speaker Schedule

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 - 3:20 pm to 3:50 pm EST A Generational Opportunity in Metals and Miners Focus: COMMODITIES

Zachary Mannes and Garrett Patten, senior analysts at ElliottWaveTrader, will present on their outlook for gold, silver, the GDX, and selected mining stocks as they prepare for a multi-decade opportunity in the sector. Mr. Mannes and Mr. Patten co-host the Stock Waves and Mining Stocks Portfolio services at EWT and are widely followed for their analysis of individual US stocks at financial conferences, as well as sites such as Seeking Alpha.


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