Whether you’re an investor or trader, we have over 60 live sessions designed to provide you with in-depth analysis and specific strategies for everything from stocks, bonds, and ETFs to commodities, currencies, options, and more! To help you focus on what interests you most, sessions will be tagged with keywords and we'll even provide you with personalized recommendations based on your unique interests. Please check back often as we continue to add speakers in the days ahead.

(All Presentations Will Be in Eastern Time Zone)

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10:50 am to 11:20 am The Art and Science of Understanding Fundamentals in the Energy Sector by Stephen Schork - Founder, The Schork Group

Why do traders place so much emphasis on forecasts and why does the market react when these estimations miss the mark?

For example, for crude oil to have value it must be refined into individual petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and liquified petroleum gas. Therefore, crude oil's worth is correlative to the economics of each of its underlying derivatives, approximately sixteen in all. Speculative estimates of weekly inflows and outflows of crude oil and its numerous byproducts is specious, i.e., seemingly plausible, but actually deficient.

The reason for this is that there are numerous factors that affect price volatility. For example, crude oil derivatives are spread across five distinct regional markets, each of which has discrete dynamics. Further muddling any forecasts, seasonal volatility and many other supply and demand fluctuations need to be taken into account.

This session will show the savvy trader how to cut through the noise of readily available market data, extract what is instrumental, and leverage this output to develop robust trading strategies.

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12:00 pm to 12:30 pm Is This Another Stock Market Bubble? by Steve Reitmeister - CEO, StockNews.com

Join us for a session that explores the classical value metrics to see where we stand now, discovers the MOST important value metric at this time, and discusses how to ride the bull up and parachute out before the next bear arrives. Steve Reitmeister will also give his top 12 picks for today's market.

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12:10 pm to 12:40 pm DayTraderRockStar's Playbook: How to Trade Channels and Wedges by John Kurisko - President and Founder, DayTradingRadio.com

John Kurisko, host of daytradingradio.com, will go over two trusted trades in his playbook: The 1-2-3 Channel and Falling Wedge. He will discuss how to identify them before they complete, as well as how to understand measures, moves, and where to take profits. This is a major segment of his high-probability trading course specially presented for The MoneyShow.

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1:20 pm to 1:50 pm Time-Proven 21st Century Strategies by Natalie Pace - Author, The ABCs of Money

In the 21st Century, buy and hope has cost investors half of their wealth in the first two recessions and up to 35% in the 2020 Recession. That's riding a Wall Street rollercoaster, where you have to use the bull markets to regain losses. As Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell admitted in August at Jackson Hole, expansions today end with "episodes of financial instability."

There is a time-proven 21st Century strategy that earned gains in the last two recessions while outperforming the bull markets in between. Learn how to protect your wealth, lean into the hottest areas of the market, and avoid industries that are in trouble. That might sound complicated. However, it's easy as a pie-chart.

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1:30 pm to 2:00 pm How to Spot Major Trend Reversals with Elliott Waves and Socionomics: Examples from Asia's Ongoing Secular Bull Market by Mark Galasiewski - Editor, Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast

Elliott Wave International's Chief Equity Analyst for Asia and Emerging Markets, Mark Galasiewski (gala-SHEV-skee), shows you how he has used the timing of headline news events such as terrorist attacks, political scandals, and even epidemic disease outbreaks to support his bullish forecasts for Asian and emerging market stocks. Using real-time examples published in EWI's monthly Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast, he will reveal how Asia and emerging markets offer an extraordinary laboratory for observing social events through the lens of Socionomics, Robert Precthter's theory of financial and social causality. You will learn principles that you can apply to any major stock market index in the world, and you will come away better equipped to capitalize on the counterintuitive relationship between social mood, markets, and news.

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2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Bond Markets through the Pandemic, the Election, and into 2021* by John Mousseau - President, CEO, and Director of Fixed Income, Cumberland Advisors

Your MoneyMasters ℠ instructor is John Mousseau, president, CEO, and director of fixed income with Cumberland Advisors, who has over 30 years of investment management experience. During this in-depth course, Mr. Mousseau will discuss the bond markets thru 2020 and the volatility that they experienced through the pandemic, as well as the effects of various government programs on the bond market and offer a look at bond markets in the new administration.

Bond Markets March - April 2020

  • The pandemic rears its head: US Treasuries - plunging yields, US corporates - widening spreads, US tax free bonds - unprecedented fund redemptions.
  • The Fed and the Treasury to the rescue: CARES act and Fed programs

Bond Markets Summer Through the Election

  • Markets are repaired even while pandemic rages
  • Ratings hang in there
  • The state of despair index
  • Markets sensing the election
  • Blue wave

Bond Markets Heading into 2021

  • Government spending
  • Inflation
  • Taxation and legislation
  • Historical yields

Fixed-income expert, John Mousseau, provides you with a look at long-term generational bond markets and examines whether we have gone through an inflection point to help you manage your risk, safeguard your fixed-income investments, and reach realistic financial goals.

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2:50 pm to 3:20 pm The Argus Focus List and Thematic Research Portfolios by Stephen Biggar - Director, Product Strategy, Argus Research Corporation

Join Argus' director of product strategy, Stephen Biggar, as he discusses the current Argus Research 30-Stock Focus List and a few of the firm's thematic research portfolios, including the Innovation and Millennial Generation portfolios.

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4:00 pm to 4:30 pm A Real Investor's Detailed Blueprint to Beat the SP 500 by Bill Spetrino - Editor, The Dividend Machine

Most newsletters are written by people who have never beaten Wall Street and never actually built real wealth or financial security. This presentation from Bill Spetrino of The Dividend Machine, gives you the candid insights from a battle-tested Wall Street veteran.

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4:10 pm to 4:40 pm Energize Your Trading with Crude Oil Markets by Daniel Gramza - President, Gramza Capital Management, Inc.

Crude oil is the world's largest traded commodity and has tremendous impact on our daily lives and provide potential trading opportunities. Learn the fundamentals and technical aspects of this global market with Dan Gramza, president of Gramza Capital Management, Inc., and dangramza.com. He will share and demonstrate his proprietary behavioral Japanese candle analysis trading approach to current live crude oil markets.

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4:40 pm to 5:10 pm Trading Options with Tom Sosnoff by Tom Sosnoff - Founder and Co-CEO, tastytrade

Join trading legend and serial entrepreneur, Tom Sosnoff, for a 30-minute real-time earnings strategy session utilizing the tastyworks platform.

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5:20 pm to 6:00 pm Targeted Exchange Traded Products for Sophisticated Investors by David Mazza - Managing Director, Head of Product, Direxion Funds

Join us for a discussion on the latest innovations and time-tested strategies in the ETF arena. Get the lowdown on where to focus your attention in sector specific, thematic, leveraged, long and short, and actively traded ETFs. This savvy panel of industry veterans will share their insights, debate current exchange-traded market trends, and take your questions.

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10:40 am to 11:10 am "This Time It's Different!": Lessons for Investors from America's "Disruptive" Revolutions by Nicholas Vardy - Quantitative Strategist, The Oxford Club

Tesla disrupted cars. Facebook disrupted the media and advertising. Netflix disrupted Hollywood. Disruptive technologies are nothing new. Canals and railroads disrupted transportation in the 1840s. Oil and steel disrupted manufacturing in the 1890s. Electricity, radio, and cars disrupted American's daily lives in the 1920s. The pioneers who led these disruptions generated generational fortunes. But each disruption also set off financial manias where average investors lost their shirts. This presentation will equip you with a historical perspective that will help you falling in to the same trap.

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11:00 am to 1:00 pm Options Trading 101* by Danielle Shay - Director of Options, Simpler Trading

There are generic Options 101 courses all over the internet. However, this one is completely different. How's it different? It's how Danielle Shay of Simpler Trading specifically trades options in her relative strength, directional manner. This is the baseline for how Ms. Shay uses the combination of technical analysis, leverage, and her favorite options strategies to—in a Simpler way—grow accounts overtime.

In this MoneyMasters℠ Course, she instills:

  • The need-to-know facts on setups
  • The best times to use her favorite options strategies (calls, spreads, and butterflies)
  • How to execute the trades

This is Danielle Shay's entry-level course, so you can get a clear baseline and understanding of how to make money in the options market.

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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11:20 am to 11:50 am Bonterra Resources: Developing Quebec's Next Gold Camp Cesar Gonzalez - Co-Founder, CEO, and Director, Sailfish Royalty Corp. Pascal Hamelin - CEO, Bonterra Resources, Inc.

Bonterra is currently focused on a fully funded exploration campaign involving seven diamond drill rigs across three main projects. The company is in the midst of a +50,000 m drill campaign that is designed to expand the known resource that is currently sitting at 2.1 million ounces of gold in all categories. Drilling will be used to publish an updated resource in the summer of 2021 and an economic study in the fall of 2021. Importantly, the company has a permitted mill that can be used to anchor the potential restart. Strategically, several other significant gold discoveries in the region become captive to the company's central processing facility.

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12:00 pm to 12:30 pm Dividend Growth Stocks in 2021 by Prakash Kolli - Founder and Author, Dividend Power

Dividend growth investing has increased in popularity over the past decade. The concept is simple. Buy a basket of stocks that raise their dividends annually, reinvest the dividends, and hold for a longer period of time. In this discussion, Prakash Kolli covers the advantages and risks of dividend growth investing. Stocks that have grown their dividend for decades are few-in-number but include some very well-known ones. He will discuss the Dividend Kings, which have raised the dividend for 50+ years, and the Dividend Champions, which have raised the dividend for 25+ years. Mr. Kolli considers what it takes for a stock to achieve this status.

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1:20 pm to 1:50 pm Dead or Alive: Which High-Yield Dividend Stocks Will Make It Through the Recovery? by Tim Plaehn - Lead Income Analyst, The Dividend Hunter

When the pandemic-induced lockdowns started last year many companies suspended or severely cut back their dividend payments to conserve cash. Some have restarted, some are waiting, some may be a while until they restart, and some may not even survive. Those that haven't restarted dividends or won't for a while are close to dead money for investors. Those already paying dividends again—even in small amounts to start—are what Tim Plaehn considers to be alive. In this discussion he will look at some of the better-known names in the high-yield space to determine which stocks you should consider dead, which to consider alive, and how to make the call.

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1:30 pm to 2:00 pm Options Pricing and Core Concepts by Edward J Modla - Principal, Investor Education, OCC

The options universe has its own special terms that are critical for investors to understand before they commit capital. Please join Edward J. Modla of OCC who will present Options Pricing and Core Concepts. In this presentation, he will discuss options pricing, volatility, time decay, and credit spreads.

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2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Find Your Edge in Chart-Patterns Trading: Know Specifics of Why, When, and How* by Suri Duddella - Trader and Author, suriNotes.com

Pattern recognition is the essential and primary ability any trader develops in technical analysis. It may be basic development, but the perfection of pattern recognition takes extensive practice and repetitive exposure. The expert recognition of patterns helps traders to quantify and react to the changing market environment.

One of chart patterns' most complex issues is to identify them correctly and follow their trading conditions and rules. The success and failure of chart patterns are genuinely determined by traders' understanding of the market context around patterns, optimal conditions, and well-researched trading methods.

For the past 25 years, Suri Duddella of SuriNotes.com, has been a private trader using his proprietary mathematical, algorithmic, and pattern-recognition models. In this course he will cover the following:

Part I: Chart Patterns Essentials

  • Fundamental components of chart patterns
  • Discussion of classic and advanced chart patterns

Part 2: Market Context

  • Learn market context for validating chart patterns
  • Identification of chart patterns with its conditions and rules

Part 3: Pattern Trade Execution and Management

  • Identifying the entries, stops, and exits
  • Using pattern price and time cycles to set targets and stops
  • Managing the chart patterns after entry

Part 4: Success and Failure of Chart Patterns

  • A framework for success and failure
  • How to trade pattern failures
  • Pattern statistics and how to use them for trading

Part 5: Examples of Chart Patterns Trades

  • Chart pattern examples with trade details

If you want to learn one of the most versatile skills that could help you become a more consistently profitable trader, you won't want to miss this MoneyMasters℠ Course!

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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2:40 pm to 3:10 pm Extreme Profits Made Easy by Bryan Perry - Editor, Cash Machine, Premium Income, Quick Income Trader, Instant Income Trader

Seasoned Wall Street trader Bryan Perry lays out in detail his AI-driven Hi-Tech Trader advisory service. With the use of a proprietary algorithm that only screens for liquid tech stocks, he maintains a portfolio of 5-10 trading positions with a 22-day time horizon, making Hi-Tech Trader a fantastic swing trading service for investors that want to trade tech stocks and only tech stocks.

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2:50 pm to 3:20 pm The Case for Bitcoin by Ryan Wilday - Analyst, Cryptocurrency Trading Service, ElliottWaveTrader.net

Ryan Wilday, host of the Cryptocurrency Trading service at ElliottWaveTrader, will make the case as to why every portfolio should have some Bitcoin exposure and how accredited investors can get safe exposure. He will also review why Bitcoin has a bright future as an asset, and how he applies Elliott Wave analysis to forecast price.

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3:30 pm to 4:00 pm Investing for Income in Low Yield Environment by Nick Giorgi - Vice President and Investment Strategist, MerrillĀ®

Global short-term and long-term interest rates are near their all-time lows at a time when many investors crave less risky assets or stable income. There can, however, be potholes in chasing yield regardless of cost or risk. Join the Chief Investment Office for Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank as they help to put the current low-yield environment in context and offer potential solutions to prepare portfolios.

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4:10 pm to 4:40 pm Capitalizing on Seismic Macro Shifts Impacting Stock Market by Michael Paulenoff - Founder, MPTrader.com

Mike Paulenoff, founder of MPTrader.com, will discuss the macroeconomic landscape influencing the major asset classes. He will share how perceptions about inflation, deflation, the direction of interest rates, and the efficacy of the Fed impact traders and investors. In particular, Mr. Paulenoff will highlight the opportunities in equity indices, sectors, stocks, ETFs, and commodities for capitalizing on the potential seismic shifts created by macro forces.

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10:40 am to 11:10 am 3 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Portfolio in 2021 by Susan Dziubinski - Director of Content, Morningstar, Inc.

Want to declutter your portfolio? Join Morningstar director of content, Susan Dziubinski, to learn about three simple investing strategies-and top-rated funds and ETFs to consider.

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12:40 pm to 1:10 pm Volatility Analysis for Options Investors by Edward J Modla - Principal, Investor Education, OCC

Anyone who follows the markets knows that volatility is talked about a lot, whether it's trending higher or lower. But why does volatility matter, and specifically, how does it affect options pricing? Join Edward J. Modla of OCC for a free webinar, Volatility Analysis for Options Investors, so that you can better understand what changes in volatility may mean for options. You'll learn about historical volatility, implied volatility, the concept of historical implied volatility, examples, calculations, and more!

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1:20 pm to 1:50 pm How to Profit from Catalyst Events in the Stock Market by Jim Osman - Founder and Portfolio Lead, The Edge Consulting Group

When companies go through corporate change, there can be anomalies in the stock price for the investor to exploit. These "Special Situations" are under-covered, are a great source of returns, and often unpublicized. Jim Osman, founder of The Edge Consulting Group and a regular contributor to Barron's, WSJ, and Bloomberg, will give his insights on what to look for in order to profit from them.

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2:00 pm to 4:00 pm How Do Institutional Traders Think, Trade, and Manage Risk?* by Daniel Gramza - President, Gramza Capital Management, Inc.

What clues are institutional traders looking for as the market unfolds around the clock? How do institutional traders position themselves when they will receive the trading book from another time zone? Do they follow the futures markets? How does the institutional trader deal with risk? What trading tools do they use?

Find out answers to these questions and more with trader and international consultant Daniel Gramza, president of Gramza Capital Management, Inc., and dangramza.com. Mr. Gramza works with institutional trading desks around the world. He has taught traders from over 450 financial institutions, 37 exchanges, and 35 countries.

Here's what you can expect from this two-hour in-depth MoneyMasters℠ Course:

  • Learn how international institutional market making works and the trading decision process institutions use.
  • Gain insights into how institutional traders maximize their capital and minimize their risk.
  • Discover the techniques Mr. Gramza teaches institutional traders using his proprietary behavioral Japanese candle analysis approach and multi-time-zone Market Profile.
  • Mr. Gramza will finish by using current markets to demonstrate these techniques.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain insight into the institutions that influence the markets that you trade.

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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2:40 pm to 3:10 pm How to Monetize Market Moves and Take Timely Profits by Ian Murphy - Founder, Murphy Financial Trading

We trade the markets in order to profit, but the reality for inexperienced traders can be very different. Most of the time profits are there for the taking but amateurs allow gains to slip through their fingers or they grab too little too early. This leads to a downward spiral of frustration and confusion as money flows out of their account. In this presentation Ian Murphy will provide practical solutions to these difficult challenges by sharing powerful technical indicators which monetize market moves and take timely profits at appropriate levels.


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