Whether you’re an investor or trader, we have over 60 live sessions designed to provide you with in-depth analysis and specific strategies for everything from stocks, bonds, and ETFs to commodities, currencies, options, and more! To help you focus on what interests you most, sessions will be tagged with keywords and we'll even provide you with personalized recommendations based on your unique interests. Please check back often as we continue to add speakers in the days ahead.

(All Presentations Will Be in Eastern Time Zone)

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10:00 am to 10:30 am EDT The Fracturing of FAANG by Gene Munster - Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Loup Ventures

Join Gene Munster for an overview of FAANG valuations and where we will go from here. Specifically, he will cover the rankings, performance, and the art and science of valuations.

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10:10 am to 10:40 am EDT Use SafeMoney to Achieve Higher Yields While Protecting Safety and Liquidity by Cory Grant - Founding Partner and Shareholder, SafeMoney, LLC

Join Cory Grant to learn how to maximize control and access to your assets, while addressing estate planning, asset protection, and tax issues.

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10:40 am to 11:10 am EDT Index Funds Are Cheap, But You Get What You Pay for: Average Performance in a Time of Great Opportunity by Joan Lappin, CFA - Chairman and CIO, Gramercy Capital Management Corp.

2020 is a line of demarcation between the old post-industrial economy and America's economic future. The intense fascination with the FANGMAN stocks reflects the lazy man's approach to this changing of the guard from railroads, steel, and petroleum (the winners of 100 years ago), to the new areas of opportunity. That includes computer software and hardware, information management, home entertainment, artificial intelligence, robots, streamlined telecommunications, new energy generation, and the revolution in caring for an aging population. Because of this wrenching change now underway, mindless index investing will not optimize your returns. Selecting winners and avoiding overpriced losers will require considerable human input via active, not passive, investment management. The algorithms are simply breaking down this year due to GIGO: Garbage in, garbage out.

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10:50 am to 11:20 am EDT Character vs. the Economy by Phil Orlando - Chief Equity Market Strategist, Federated Hermes, Inc.

The year 2020 has been unlike any other in history. Investors have had to grapple with a global pandemic, social unrest, nationwide stay-at-home orders, the deepest recession on record, unprecedented monetary and fiscal policy responses, the fastest 35% decline in history, and then the fastest recovery in history. The final months of this year promise to be just as eventful, with a critical election offering two very different paths forward. How will voters weigh their character versus the economy choices at the polls, how will the economy and corporate earnings rebound, and how should investors position themselves? Don't miss the always highly-rated Phil Orlando, as he shares his candid views on the intertwined nature of politics, economics, and the financial markets.

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11:00 am to 1:00 pm EDT How to Maximize Profits and Avoid the Pitfalls in Investing in Gold and Gold Stocks* by Adrian Day - Chairman and CEO, Adrian Day Asset Management

The past year saw the best performance for precious metals in almost 10 years. Even after the recent correction, gold bullion is up 23% this year, while silver is up 29%. Gold and silver mining shares have likewise turned in a stellar performance, up over 30%. This correction is a perfect time for investors to take a look at this sector.

In this Master Class, top precious metals and mining sector expert, Adrian Day, chairman and CEO of Adrian Day Asset Management, will make the case for why it makes sense to add exposure to this sector and why now is the best time to do it.

Here's What You Will Learn:

Physical or Stocks

  • For whom and when?
  • Advantages of each form
  • Bullion, coins, ETFs, funds, individual securities
How the Gold Market Has Changed
  • Importance of South Africa and emerging markets
  • Lack of discoveries
  • Shift from Europe to Asia
  • The rise of ETFs
What's Wrong with the Mining Business?
  • Why stocks of producers have lagged over time
  • Have we learned anything?
  • Royalties: have your cake and eat it too!
Exploration: Is it Worth the Risks?
  • Minimize risk with prospect generators
  • How to separate reality from fiction; warnings signs to look for
Buy and Hold, or Trade? Tactics of Investing in Gold
  • How to use options conservatively
  • Private placements
Other Resources
  • Silver
  • And briefly—copper, nickel, uranium

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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11:30 am to 12:15 pm EDT Investing for Income in Low-Yield Environment by Nick Giorgi - Vice President and Investment Strategist, Merrill®

Global short-term and long-term interest rates are near their all-time lows at a time when many investors crave less risky assets safe or stable income. There can, however, be potholes in chasing yield regardless of cost or risk. Join the Chief Investment Office, for Merrill and Bank of America, as they help to put the current low-yield environment in context and offer potential solutions to prepare portfolios.

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12:00 pm to 12:30 pm EDT My Top Small-Caps for 2021 (No Matter Who Wins the Election) by Douglas Gerlach - President, ICLUBcentral, Inc.

Holding small-cap stocks is not often seen as a defensive move, but the right small companies can deliver superior returns no matter the direction of the economy, the outcome of the pandemic, or the winners of the Congressional and Presidential elections. In this session, Doug Gerlach, founder and editor of the SmallCap Informer stock newsletter, will cut through the rhetoric and present his top picks for growth and total return in 2021 and beyond, all selected from smaller stocks running under Wall Street's radar.

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12:10 pm to 12:40 pm EDT Identifying the Great Risks and Opportunities Ahead by Jonathan Baird - Publisher, Global Investment Letter

We live in unprecedented times for investors. The global economy is faced with a pandemic, recession, and soaring debt while the geopolitical scene is the most troubled since the end of the second World War. Jonathan Baird, CFA, former award-winning money manager, believes the months and years ahead will be unusually volatile with great potential risks. However, he also sees tremendous opportunities for prepared investors. Mr. Baird will describe the investment approach that has produced the strong results of the Global Investment Letter and provide an overview of the current investment scene.

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12:40 pm to 1:10 pm EDT To Live on the Beach Like Jimmy Buffett, Learn to Invest Better than Warren Buffett by Joseph Belmonte - Founder, Buffett and Beyond

Buffett and Beyond's methodology allows you to outperform the S&P 500 index without taking on more than market risk. Their long-term hold strategy has outperformed the S&P 500 index by two-and-a-half to one on a compounded basis since 2003 without taking on more risk than the S&P 500 index. With their new ETF returns, Buffett and Beyond allows you to select the best stocks in any ETF and outperform that ETF by up to 300% in a five-year period.

Buffett and Beyond's research uses a unique efficiency and comparison ratio, based upon Joseph Belmonte's Doctoral (PhD) research, which changes one critical number from both Warren Buffett's own unique filter and the previous published PhD financial research. This one change allows their portfolios to consistently outperform not only the market averages, but also the master himself, Warren E. Buffett.

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1:20 pm to 1:50 pm EDT Value Investing for the 2020s by Jeff Weniger - Asset Allocation Strategist, WisdomTree Asset Management, Inc.

With growth stock investing crushing value investing since before the global financial crisis, will the markets leadership ever change? In this presentation, Jeff Weniger will present the case for value stocks for this decade, pointing to history, valuations, market sentiment, and the state of the world.

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1:30 pm to 2:00 pm EDT Dividend and Options Plays for Post-Election Profits by John Dobosz - Editor, Forbes Premium Income Report & Forbes Dividend Investor

Forbes editor, John Dobosz, shows how selling options on dividend-paying stocks and purchasing protective puts can set you up for success, regardless of who wins the vote.

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2:00 pm to 2:30 pm EDT The Benefits of Staying the Course by Chris Barry - VP, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, National Retail Properties, Inc.

Throughout its 35-year history, National Retail Properties (NYSE: NNN) has navigated many market conditions. The company has learned to never rest on its laurels when things go well and never panic when things take a wrong turn. Come hear how using disciplined, consistent execution has allowed NNN to increase its annual dividend for 31 consecutive years and produce a 25-year average annual total return of 11.3% (through 06/30/20). NNN announced Q2 2020 operating results of $0.65 Core FFO per common share, portfolio occupancy of 98.7% and the company ended the quarter with $224.6 million of cash and no amounts drawn on its $900 million bank credit facility.

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2:40 pm to 3:10 pm EDT There Is No V-Shaped Recovery, Wall Street and Washington Are Selling You Fiction by Landon Whaley - Editor, Gravitational Edge

Since the storytelling about a V-shaped recovery began, Landon D. Whaley has been saying that a recovery resembling any letter of the alphabet cannot occur in 2020. Contrary to what many are peddling, Mr. Whaley is on the record saying that a three-phase process is currently playing out in the US. The first phase was depressionary, beginning in late February and running through April. The second phase was a rebound (not a recovery) in critical data and financial markets from worst ever levels to not so worst ever readings in May, June, and July. The third phase will hit the US during Q4 2020, and the folks on Wall Street and in the media perpetuating the myth of a V-shaped recovery are not prepared. Join Mr. Whaley as he explains his Gravitational Framework, which enabled him to predict both crashes (Q4 2018 & March 2020) in US stocks over the last two years. He will share why his framework is once again diverging from what the group expects in markets in the months ahead. The vast majority of market participants believe the gravy train since April will keep right on rolling. However, the Gravitational Framework is telling us in no uncertain terms; there is a litany of market risks coming our way.

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2:50 pm to 3:20 pm EDT Identifying and Capitalizing on Seismic Macro Shifts Impacting the Stock Market by Michael Paulenoff - Founder, MPTrader.com

Mike Paulenoff, founder of MPTrader.com, will discuss the macroeconomic landscape influencing the major asset classes. He will share how perceptions about inflation, deflation, the direction of interest rates, and the efficacy of the Fed impact traders and investors. In particular, Mr. Paulenoff will highlight the opportunities in equity indices, sectors, stocks, ETFs, and commodities for capitalizing on the potential seismic shifts created by macro forces.

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3:00 pm to 5:00 pm EDT The Savage Truth on Money: Personal Financial Planning* by Terry Savage - Author, The Savage Truth on Money

You've been a successful investor, but have you procrastinated about your entire financial plan? More importantly, do you know where to go to get trusted advice on all these issues? Have you planned for the unexpected market shocks that could impact your carefully made plans?

Terry Savage, author of the best-selling Savage Truth on Money, will give a Master Class in personal financial planning. A no-holds-barred Q&A session will accompany each of the below-named topics and more:

  • Investing Through Retirement: The Real Risks
  • Withdrawals: Making Your Money Last as Long as You Do
  • The Savage Truth About Annuities
  • Long-Term Care Combo Policies
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Estate Planning Amidst a Tax Grab

**Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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3:20 pm to 3:50 pm EDT Trump or Biden? It Doesn't Matter, This Strategy Is Set to Beat the Market by Mike Turner - President, Turner Capital Investments

There's a misconception the financial media likes to spin that you can't know what to do in the stock market until the election is over. That can't be further from the truth. The key to beating the market is the same today as it was over 100 years ago when a famous investor said, There is only one side to the stock market; and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side. During this presentation, Mike Turner will show you how he uses algorithms and rules-based investing to be on the right side of the market at all times. Through October 20th, his Turner Quant Advantage portfolio is up over 38% YTD. Join Mr. Turner for this 30-minute presentation and then for a special Zoom conference during which he will answer your questions about how to always be on the right side of the market.

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3:30 pm to 4:00 pm EDT Pre-IPO Opportunity in the Sizzling eCommerce Industry by Greg Writer - CEO and Founder, Launch Cart

Join the CEO and founder, Greg Writer, for a presentation on Launch Cart and its vision to create a multi-billion-dollar company in the worldwide eCommerce sector. Launch Cart is a tech company, with unicorn upside, creating a better, faster, and higher converting eCommerce platform. Using a "FREEmium" go-to market strategy, the company has an integrated, proprietary ready-to-sell marketplace that will lower the barrier of entry worldwide for tens of millions of entrepreneurs to build an online eCommerce business.

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4:00 pm to 4:30 pm EDT Your Pre-Election Investing Checklist by Keith Fitz-Gerald - Chief Investment Officer, Fitz-Gerald Group

Many investors are obsessed with who will win the election. But, Keith Fitz-Gerald says the real secret to invest in success, is in knowing which companies can grow, despite who wins.

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4:10 pm to 4:40 pm EDT Applying FX and Intermarket Fractals to Price and Time by Ashraf Laidi - Founder, Intermarket Strategy Ltd., and AshrafLaidi.com

Are you looking for a top-down approach to intermarket flows? Time cycles may be perfect in hindsight, but how do we apply them ahead? Join Ashraf Laidi, founder of Intermarket Strategy, Ltd., for five examples on forex, metals, and indices from 2019 and 2020 that worked and failed and learn why!

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4:40 pm to 5:10 pm EDT Dominating a Strategic Cannabis Market by Fabian Monaco - President and Director, Gage Cannabis Co.

Gage Cannabis Co., is a leading vertically-integrated operator in the cannabis industry led by the former CEO and chairman of Canopy Growth Corp. (TSX: WEED) (NYSE: CGC), Bruce Linton. The company is currently focused exclusively on the Michigan market, working with the declared goal of building the fastest growing cannabis brand in the state.

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4:50 pm to 5:20 pm EDT The Best Moving Averages for Trading by Oliver Velez - Chief Trading Officer and CEO, iFundTraders

Join Oliver Velez for this in-depth session, designed to bring you the latest intelligence available so you can identify and profit from the opportunities in today's markets. The knowledge you gain by attending this session can help you make better investing or trading decisions tomorrow.

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5:20 pm to 6:00 pm EDT The Economic Outlook for 2020-2021 Keith Fitz-Gerald - Chief Investment Officer, Fitz-Gerald Group Stephen Moore - Co-Founder, Committee to Unleash Prosperity Peter Schiff - Chief Economist and Global Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. Edward Yardeni - President, Yardeni Research, Inc.

Three epic "Black Swan" events have just occurred in the US in a single year. Three months after a nationwide lockdown, with over 40 million jobs lost and a projected 20% economic contraction in Q2, what can investors expect? Get answers to these and other questions:

  • The Economic Shutdown and the "Great Suppression"—How Great was the Damage and is it Permanent?
  • Energy & Technology—Their Assessment of the Energy Crisis and Technological Innovations
  • What is the Political Impact at the Upcoming Election?
  • Their Best Advice to Protect Investors' Portfolios and How to Profit from Special Situations

Hear from the country's most influential economists to help you make sense of the rapidly changing environment.

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10:00 am to 10:30 am EDT Elections, Stocks, Healthcare, Gold, and Inflation: What You Need to Know by Steve Forbes - Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media

Rarely has an election posed such a stark choice for the direction of economy as this one. Even if the socialists don't run the table in the elections, we must still worry about the Federal Reserve, which is cooking up future inflation.

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10:40 am to 11:10 am EDT The Dollar Will Lose Regardless of Who Wins the Election by Peter Schiff - Chief Economist and Global Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.

As the election approaches, many are busy forecasting the potential winners and losers if the Democrats take the White House, the Senate, or both. But from an investment perspective, the outcome really doesn't matter that much, as the ultimate loser may be the US dollar itself.

To an extent that is largely overlooked, the decade between 2010 and 2020 saw a stunning rise in the value of the US dollar, which served as the hidden mainspring for global investment performance. But the world is finally waking up to dollar's extreme vulnerability to runaway US debt, totaling more than $4 trillion in 2020 alone. Unlike the situation 10 years ago, no one seriously expects the monetary and fiscal policies of the US to ever meaningfully tighten again. This means the dollar's position at the top of the monetary hierarchy is threatened. If it falls, as even many in the mainstream expect it will, global investment returns will change fundamentally. Peter Schiff can help you map out a course in the new world ahead.

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10:50 am to 11:20 am EDT Maximize Returns by Following Momentum by David Keller, CMT - Chief Market Strategist, StockCharts.com

Investors should focus on three key tasks every week: Identifying trends, following those trends, and anticipating trend reversals. David Keller will leverage the StockCharts Technical Ranking (SCTR) model to illustrate the benefits of trend-following and identify opportunistic movements in stocks, sectors, and ETFs. Most importantly, he will design a weekly routine using live market data to review the momentum model and determine which trends to follow and which to avoid. Your best weapon against market uncertainty is the consistent application of a disciplined approach!

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11:00 am to 1:00 pm EDT Risk Mastery for Traders: The Shortest Path to Trading Profits and Portfolio Strength* by Anne-Marie Baiynd - President and CEO, TheTradingBook.com

Anne-Marie Baiynd, president and CEO of thetradingbook.com, has been using the simple concepts of support and resistance, combined with wave formations to create trading strategies that deliver results in many market environments and across all instruments. In this MoneyMasters℠ class, Ms. Baiynd will discuss an in-depth introduction to the concept of risk management for non-professionals entering the trading and investing arena.

Some of the things she will cover are:

  • Why risk changes within markets and over time: Some market environments are more dangerous than others. Can you identify them?
  • Principles of risk and technical Analysis: A strength-building roadmap for traders using technical or fundamental analysis.
  • Are you making these costly trading mistakes: Why and where traders position their exposure and how professionals avoid these costly errors.
  • Strategy design focusing on risk: A four-step approach to control risk exposure while improving technical trading skills.

To close out this two-hour session, Ms. Baiynd will show you how to combine your trading strategies, risk, and market temperament for optimal performance. You won't want to miss this class!

**Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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11:15 am to 12:15 pm EDT The Money Multiplier Method by Brent Kesler - Money Coach and CEO, The Money Multiplier

Brent Kesler was $984,711 in third party debt. Applying this 200-year-old concept, he was able to pay it all off in 39 months. Mr. Kesler will be going in-depth on The Money Multiplier Method and teaching individuals how to break the bonds of financial slavery they don't even realize they are in! By implementing this concept, he will show you how to turn every liability into an asset; how to recycle, recapture, and keep total control of your money. Mr. Kesler will show you how to get all the money back for every product/service you will ever buy for you and your family, for the rest of your life.

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11:20 am to 11:50 am EDT Terra Firma Foods' SuperGrow Process: Organic Any Season, Anywhere Jonathan Barkman - Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder, Terra Firma Foods, LLC Ray Urrutia - President, CEO, and Co-Founder, Terra Firma Foods, LLC

Join Terra Firma Foods' co-founders, Ray Urrutia and Jonathan Barkman, for a presentation detailing how with a controlled environment, the company is able to produce farming yields that far surpass the competition. Learn about a new solution for farming, NextGen™: Nature's plan restored efficiently, effectively, and organically.

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11:50 am to 12:30 pm EDT The Great Debate on Buy-and-Hold vs. Market Timing Jeffrey Hirsch - Editor-in-Chief, The Stock Trader's Almanac; Almanac Investor Mike Larson - Editor, Weiss' Safe Money Report Mike Turner - President, Turner Capital Investments

Fireworks will fly! In this lively debate, Mike Larson, editor of Weiss' Safe Money Report will use his years of stock-picking experience against Mike Turner, president of Turner Capital Investments, and his 2.8 million lines of computer code to discuss the best method to grow and protect investment capital in both bull and bear markets. It's man vs. machine, long-term vs. short term. Attend this debate and see who you think wins.

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12:10 pm to 12:40 pm EDT The 2 Keys to Short-Term Profits in Today's Market by Jon Johnson - Editor, Investment House Daily, Technical Traders Alert, & Success Trading Group

In this presentation, Jon Johnson will reveal the two keys to making short-term profits in both stocks and options—they are probably not what you think! Mr. Johnson will also discuss the 5 "ingredients" that go into the recipe for every successful trade.

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12:40 pm to 1:10 pm EDT 3 Ways to Profit from 50-Year Innovation to Drug Safety and Global Consumer Packaging by Milton Cohen - President and CEO, Safe Rx

The global packaging industry is poised for materially disruptive changes that will impact markets across the spectrum, from healthcare, to detergents, to consumer household products, and more. Knowing about these coming changes before they happen can help you invest ahead of the curve and reap maximum profit. Learn about the packaging technologies that are preventing second-order effects of Covid-19 and more importantly, learn about the company leading this 50-year-old revolution in global cap and closure markets in partnership with major national retailers, healthcare, and CPG companies. See why Walmart, Target, and others are jumping on board with its newest products. Milton Cohen, a CEO with several successful exits in healthcare and other sectors, leads Safe Rx and shares how you can benefit from the coming revolution in consumer product safety.

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12:50 pm to 1:20 pm EDT How to Harvest Money and Cannabis in South America by Mark Bradley - CEO, Green Leaf Farms International

Almost two years ago Green Leaf Farms International, recognized cannabinoid compounds would become commodity products as large pharmaceutical, health, beauty, and other medical and consumer product companies enter the market. The winner supplying these products would be the company that could provide the highest quality at the best price-and that would not be one based in North America. An exhaustive analytical study and intensive worldwide search identified the optimum location for this business: Jujuy Province, Argentina.

Following extensive negotiations, an unprecedented joint venture, believed to be the first ever between a private company and governmental entity, was entered into with the Provincial government. The venture includes a 30-year, no cost lease for growing cannabis year-round on over 1000 acres of prime agricultural land and providing space in an adjacent tax-free zone for processing and export.

But it gets better. The informed investor will recognize how the right to grow any and all strains of cannabis genetics, not simply hemp, without onerous North American taxes, regulations, or land and greenhouse costs provides an unparalleled opportunity for investors to profit in South America. A recent $1.2 million dollar investment and purchase commitment by an international cannabis company operating in over thirty countries proves GLFI's value.

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1:20 pm to 1:50 pm EDT Using Two Different Time Horizons to Maximize Returns by Matthew Maley - Founder, The Maley Report

Active investors can maximize their returns by investing a good portion of their portfolio with a long-term buy and hold strategy—while using a portion of their portfolio to trade more actively—in order to take advantage of intermediate and short-term opportunities that are always presenting themselves in the market place.

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1:30 pm to 2:00 pm EDT Will Gold Continue to Melt Up? by Avi Gilburt, Esq - Founder, ElliottWaveTrader.net

Join Avi Gilburt, founder of ElliottWaveTrader.net and one of the top-read metals analysts on Seeking Alpha, as he details his directional analysis on gold and the mining index. Also learn about the methodology underlying his analysis and why it has caught all the major turns in the metals market over the last decade. Mr. Gilburt is widely recognized for his extraordinary accuracy in pinpointing market moves, particularly through an Elliott Wave methodology he calls Fibonacci Pinball. He called the top in the gold market during its parabolic phase in 2011, with an ideal target of $1,915, just $6 short of its high. Mr. Gilburt also called the lows in December 2015, telling his subscribers on the very night gold hit its lows that he was on the phone with his broker buying a large order of physical gold. He also began buying mining stocks and launched EWT's popular Mining Stocks Portfolio service in September 2015, which was actually the low point in most miners. Mr. Gilburt will share his analysis on the mining index and gold itself.

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2:00 pm to 2:30 pm EDT Kineta, Inc.--Developing Novel Immunotherapies to Transform Patients' Lives by Shawn Iadonato - CEO, Kineta, Inc.

Dr. Shawn Iadonato, CEO of Kineta, Inc., will discuss the clinical stage biotechnology company committed to developing disruptive life science technologies that address unmet patient needs especially for patients with cancer. Kineta, Inc., has leveraged expertise in immunology to advance a focused pipeline of investigational drugs in oncology, neuroscience, and virology.

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2:10 pm to 2:40 pm EDT Mineral Royalty Ownership by Ben Weber Jr. - General Partner, Texas Republic Minerals

Ben R. Weber, Jr., general partner of Texas Republic Minerals, will present how valuable mineral royalty interests may be acquired through his company's limited partnerships. Mineral royalty ownership is considered real property. It once was reserved for those who were fortunate enough to own or have inherited them. Today purchasing mineral rights from individuals as well as companies has become a profitable niche business for those buyers who perform due diligence and selectively buy cash flowing interest with great upside potential.

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2:40 pm to 3:10 pm EDT Investing with Volume Analysis by Buff Dormeier - Chief Technical Analyst, Kingsview Partners

If price is the market's testimony, then volume must be the market's polygraph. More than any other indicator, volume unveils the real force and extent of investors' convictions about present prices. In this presentation, Award-winning technical analyst and author, Buff Dormeier, reveals how volume validates, interprets, and leads price. With volume analysis, you'll learn to uncover surprising shifts in investor enthusiasm, identify disparities in market opinion, and sniff out coming trend reversals.

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2:50 pm to 3:20 pm EDT Markets Move and So Should You: The Key Message from Elliott Waves by Steven Hochberg - Chief Market Analyst, Elliott Wave International

The markets Elliott wave patterns contain vital information as to what may transpire for the rest of the year and beyond in financial markets. This workshop with Steven Hochberg will help you navigate the uncertainty.

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3:00 pm to 5:00 pm EDT Creative and Effective Estate-Planning and Asset Protection Strategies for 2021 and Beyond* by Cory Grant - Founding Partner and Shareholder, SafeMoney, LLC

Your expert instructor is Cory C. Grant, JD, founder of Grant, Hinkle, and Jacobs, Inc., who has close to 30 years' experience in estate, business succession, and wealth transfer planning. Mr. Grant is an active real estate investor and business owner who combines his education as an attorney and his background as an entrepreneur and investor to guide his clients to success. His previous publications include Tax Deferred Investing (Wiley, 2002) and Estate Planning is About More than Death and Taxes (Wiley, 2004).

In this MoneyMasters℠ class, you will learn:

  • Common estate planning mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Advanced strategies for minimizing tax on IRA and retirement accounts, including an analysis of the "Roth conversion at death" strategy.
  • How to transfer future appreciation of assets, while retaining income during your lifetime. You really can have your cake and eat it too!
  • How to avoid paying capital gains on the sale of appreciated assets.
  • The impact of the SECURE Act and upcoming elections on your family wealth transfer plan.
  • Strategies used by America's wealthiest families to keep wealth in the family for multiple generations.
  • The benefits and pitfalls of various planning techniques using actual real-life fact patterns and case studies.
  • How the ultra-wealthy legally and openly leverage charity for their family to create a zero-estate tax plan.

**Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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3:20 pm to 3:50 pm EDT Producing Low-Cost Gold and Silver at the Moss Mine, NW Arizona by Ken Berry - Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder, Northern Vertex Mining

Northern Vertex Mining Corp., (TSX.V: NEE) (OTC Nasdaq Intl.: NHVCF) owns and operates the Moss Mine, the largest primary gold and silver mine in Arizona. The Company is just coming off its most recent quarter achieving its fourth consecutive quarter of record gold production of 14,673 gold equivalent ounces, an increase of approximately 29% over the previous quarter. While driving production up, Northern Vertex has driven costs down at the Moss Mine and will continue to pursue this strategy with several initiatives underway to improve efficiencies and decrease costs. In addition, the Company is conducting an extensive drill campaign at the Moss Mine to expand the resource and increase the life of the mine. Recent drill results are highlighted by 15.2 meters of 9.11 gpt gold and 85.99 gpt silver, located only 100 meters from the current open pit.

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3:30 pm to 4:00 pm EDT When Washington Meets Wall Street by Nick Giorgi - Vice President and Investment Strategist, Merrill®

With an election lurking around the corner, investors may be keenly focused on policy changes that could impact markets and their portfolios. Join the Chief Investment Office, for Merrill and Bank of America, as they help to identify, potential market impacts, how policy matters, and offer insights to help position portfolios.

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4:00 pm to 4:30 pm EDT The US Presidential Election: Impact on the Economy and Markets by Kristina Hooper - Chief Global Market Strategist, Invesco

Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist with Invesco, will explore various election scenarios and the impact on markets, and de-bunks a number of myths about the importance of elections.

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4:10 pm to 4:40 pm EDT Profiting in Bear Markets with Inverse ETFs by Ken Calhoun - President, TradeMastery.com

Discover how to trade inverse ETFs-the perfect way to trade volatility in bear markets. You'll learn how to day and swing trade SQQQ, VXX, TVIX as well as gold ETFs like NUGT in this fast-paced, practical session. Kenneth Calhoun, president of TradeMastery.com, has made over 7k in profitable live trades during the past several weeks; attend this session to learn how he did it.

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4:50 pm to 5:20 pm EDT Using Location to Find the Best Trades by Oliver Velez - Chief Trading Officer and CEO, iFundTraders

Join Oliver Velez for this in-depth session, designed to bring you the latest intelligence available so you can identify and profit from the opportunities in today's markets. The knowledge you gain by attending this session can help you make better investing or trading decisions tomorrow.

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5:20 pm to 5:50 pm EDT The Economy After the Pandemic by Stephen Moore - Co-Founder, Committee to Unleash Prosperity

Join Steve Moore, co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, as he shares the outlook for public policies in 2021. He will also discuss how future public policies could affect growth.

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5:30 pm to 6:00 pm EDT The Untold Story Behind Jack Schwager's Unknown Market Wizards Chris Camillo - Founder, Dumb Money Jack Schwager - Author, Stock Market Wizards

Having spent the past three decades interviewing the investment industry's most successful traders for his hugely popular Market Wizards series, world-renowned author and trading expert, Jack D. Schwager, takes a spin at being the interviewee for none other than one of his very own Market Wizards. On the cusp of a generational boom in self-directed investing not seen since the 1980s, newly anointed "Unknown" Market Wizard and lifelong fan of the series, Chris Camillo, seeks out the story behind Mr. Schwager's journey, identifying and vetting the best living retail traders of our time for his soon to be released book-and how these unknown Market Wizards stack up to the great legends of Wall Street.

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10:00 am to 10:30 am EDT The Greater Abdication: The American Dream, the American Nightmare by Danielle DiMartino Booth - CEO and Chief Strategist, Quill Intelligence, LLC

The pandemic has laid bare the economic ramifications of the income divide that's been widening since the 1980s. What started with the decimation of inner-city public education, has been exacerbated by bipartisan support for big employers over workers and Federal Reserve policies that, by design, benefit the wealthy. In the absence of educational reform, a re-embracing of vocational training and reining in the Fed, stimulus spending, and social strife threaten to become the norm.

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10:20 am to 10:50 am EDT Growth Stock Melt Up! by Louis Navellier - Editor, Growth Investor, Breakthrough Stocks, & Accelerated Profits

Now that the Fed has confirmed that key interest rates will remain at 0% thru 2023, investors continue to flock to growth stocks for "real" returns. Due to a V-shaped economic recovery, the breath and power of the stock market continues to improve. Louis Navellier's favorite small-to-mid capitalization stocks are now leading and an early "January effect" is underway.

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11:00 am to 1:00 pm EDT Divergence: The Rules-Based Strategy* by Jake Bernstein - Publisher, The Jake Bernstein Online Weekly Capital Markets Report and Analysis

Divergence in its various forms is the most accurate way to pick significant tops and bottoms either before they happen or very early after their inception. In this fully-objective Master Class 52-year market veteran, Jake Bernstein, will teach you four different divergence tools as well as their set up, trigger, follow through, profit target, risk, and profit maximizing strategy.

Here is the breakdown of everything you will learn:

  • Learn the Four Top Divergence Indicators
  • The Two Best Patterns for Tops and Bottoms
  • The Five-Step Divergence Trading System
  • His Divergence Profit Maximizing Strategy
  • How to Scan for Set Ups and Triggers

Be sure to tune in as Jake Bernstein conveys this strategy which can be used in any timeframe and in any market!

**Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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11:20 am to 11:50 am EDT Precious Metals: Past, Present, and Future Michael Maloney - Author, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver David Morgan - Precious Metals Analyst, TheMorganReport.com

A conversation on precious metals with David Morgan, Precious Metals Analyst of TheMorganReport.com, and Mike Maloney, Author of Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.

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11:30 am to 12:00 pm EDT DIY Relative Strength by Michael Carr - Editor, One Trade, Peak Velocity Trader, & Precision Profits

Relative strength has historically required processing large amounts of data to determine which stocks to buy and which to avoid. That means individuals must either pay for expensive subscription services to access the indicator or ignore the tool used by many investment professionals. A little-noticed academic paper explains what causes relative strength and offers a key insight that allows for a formula that makes this strategy accessible to anyone with a spreadsheet. The formula, trading examples, and back-tested results will be shared in Michael Carrs presentation.

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12:00 pm to 12:30 pm EDT Welcome to the Heart of Red Lake--Canada's Fort Knox by Darin Labrenz - President and CEO, Pure Gold Mining

PureGold mining is fully funded, and on the cusp of opening the PureGold Red Lake Mine, the highest-grade undeveloped gold project in Canada, and Canada's next major gold mine. There is no more important time to be building a gold mine and they are bringing a gold mine onstream when the world needs it the most. Find out why PureGold counts 4 key strategic investors among its major shareholders; Billionaire investor Eric Sprott, Goldcorp founder Rob McEwen, and two of the world's largest gold mining companies: Anglogold Ashanti and Newmont-Goldcorp. A brand-new gold mine located in the heart of Canada's gold industry, first pour scheduled before the end of 2020, and property that hosts the geology for explosive transformative growth—The PureGold Red Lake Mine.

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12:10 pm to 12:40 pm EDT Alercell: A Start-Up on Steroids in the Covid-19 Industry Alexandre Scheer - President and Chief Medical Officer, Alercell, Inc. Frederic Scheer - Chairman and CEO, Alercell, Inc.

This presentation will introduce Alercell, a new start up in the world of Covid-19. Frederic and Alexandre Scheer will describe the extent of the economy beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. They will cover how management of Alercell intends to participate in this economy and provide a viable and affordable solution that is easy to implement.

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12:40 pm to 1:10 pm EDT Trading the Markets with Just Two Technical Setups by John Kurisko - President and Founder, DayTradingRadio.com

Back by popular demand, John Kurisko AKA DayTradingRockStar discusses the approach and identification of his two best trade setups. Learn to identify and trade them each day for consistent profits. This strategy works with all trading vehicles, such as stocks, futures, and options, as well as for swing traders and scalpers.

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12:50 pm to 1:20 pm EDT Molecules to Money: My 3 Favorite Biotech Stocks Under $3 by Adam Johnson - Founder, BullseyeBrief.com

Biotechnology offers significant upside if you know where to look. Adam Johnson, founder of BullseyeBrief.com, shares his three favorite biotech stocks under $3, why he's long and what he expects. These are some of the best examples of American Ingenuity!

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2:00 pm to 2:30 pm EDT Seasonality’s Quarantine Is Over--Plus Handicapping the Election by Jeffrey Hirsch - Editor-in-Chief, The Stock Trader's Almanac; Almanac Investor

There is no denying that market seasonality has not worked so well this year. But the return of perennial autumnal weakness is emblematic of a return to normal market behavior. Markets also behave differently in Presidential election years depending on whether the incumbent wins or loses. Jeff Hirsch will lay out how to trade and where to invest for the remainder of election year 2020 and what to expect in 2021 no matter who wins. He will teach you:

  • Market tends to be stronger when the party in power wins
  • Election Day to yearend trading guide
  • Post-Election year trading patterns
  • Breakdown of market trends by political party in power
  • His current favorite stocks and sectors for the next four years

Plus, you will get his latest market outlook and seasonal investing opportunities in sector ETFs and top-ranked stocks and learn the ins and outs of his best six months switching strategy.

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2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EDT Options Trading Basics and Volatility, Trade Management, and Market Conditions* by Bob Lang - President and Chief Options Strategist, Explosive Options

Options trading can be tricky, or it can be ever so challenging. If you aren't armed with knowledge and the right tools it can be quite lucrative. Have a plan, be organized, and learn something each day. Bob Lang, president and chief options strategist of Explosive Options, will talk about the basics of options trading and volatility in a detailed class that will be split into two main sections.

Section One: Psychology of Trading

  • Trade Management: When to buy and sell options.
  • Volatility: What is volatility and how does it affect options?
  • VIX and Different Vehicles: An overview of volatility instruments.
  • Connected Markets: The speed of market moves and why the Fed is so important to the market.

Section Two: Basics of Options

  • What Are Options: Calls and puts, strikes and dates, and option leverage vs. stocks.
  • Elements of Options: Time decay, implied volatility, and intrinsic values.
  • Simple Options Strategies: Direction, time, volatility, and calculating the expected move.
  • Position Sizing and Risk Management: The ideal number of positions, proper size of an options portfolio, and how much to risk on a play.

This in-depth Master Class, which is just a sample of the sessions Bob Lang teaches to trading students on a regular basis, is a presentation you won't want to miss!

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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2:10 pm to 2:40 pm EDT The Payout-Payback Cycle: How to Know When to Attack the Markets and When It's Better to Defend Your Profits by Bo Yoder - Head Trader and Asset Manager, RBJ Financial Group

Have you ever felt like the markets were out to get you personally? The good news is that you are not crazy and there is a real reason why so many traders feel this way. You see, every trading strategy or setup is dependent on the market conditions that happen to be there when the strategy is created, developed, and optimized. We all know that market conditions shift and change as often as the seasons. So, when the current market conditions are similar to the way things were when the strategy was developed, this alignment delivers easy profits and simple, stress-free trade management. But, when the market conditions change as they always do, the strategy can fall out of alignment with current conditions and everything goes wrong. This was the breakthrough discovery Bo Yoder made around 2000 which transformed his own trading from inconsistent and stressful, to predictable and consistent! Think of it like this, if you only wear many layers of heavy clothing year-round, you would be miserable in the summer heat and comfortable during the winter storms, right? So, it's all about using the right setup for the right environmental factors. In the summer, your heavy clothes are a bad setup and are out of alignment with the season, and so of course you would be hot and uncomfortable, right? In this session, Mr. Yoder will explore the payout/payback cycle to show you how to identify what "setup" is the best one for the current market conditions, so you are always trading in alignment with the market environment!

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3:20 pm to 4:00 pm EDT NASDAQ 15,000?--Tech Trends to Watch Keith Fitz-Gerald - Chief Investment Officer, Fitz-Gerald Group Jon Markman - Editor, Tech Trend Trader, The Power Elite, & Strategic Advantage Gene Munster - Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Loup Ventures

Every day, we are constantly reminded that we live in a world where technology is evolving faster than ever. These leading technology experts will discuss:

  • The Key Tech Trends That Will Power Exponential Growth
  • What the Best Investment Plays Are to Win in the Post-Digital World
  • The Business Models That Will Drive the Future for Every Portfolio

Get up to speed on the latest trends in the industry, explore breakthrough technologies, and hear about the most innovative disruptors reshaping the future.



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