Whether you’re an investor or trader, we have several live sessions designed to provide you with in-depth analysis and specific strategies for everything from stocks, bonds, and ETFs to commodities, currencies, options, and more! To help you focus on what interests you most, sessions will be tagged with keywords and we'll even provide you with personalized recommendations based on your unique interests. Please check back often as we continue to add speakers in the days ahead.

(All Presentations Will Be in Eastern Time Zone)

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10:00 am to 10:30 am EST Covid-19: What's Next? by Benjamin Tal - Deputy Chief Economist, CIBC Capital Markets

Is Covid-19 an event or a condition? Tune in live as Benjamin Tal discusses the near- and long-term implications of the virus, and answers: What's next?

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10:40 am to 11:10 am EST Simplifying Your Portfolio with TD One-Click ETFs by Jonathan Needham - Vice President, ETF Distribution, TD Asset Management

Jonathan Needham, vice president, ETF distribution for eastern Canada at TD Asset Management, will discuss TD's new innovative all-in-one ETFs. With volatility likely on the rise as a result of the election and the looming global pandemic, diversification is essential. Find out how to achieve instant diversification in one-click.

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11:20 am to 11:50 am EST Achieve Equity-Like Returns with a Balanced Fund-Like Risk by Cam Hui - CEO and Founder, Humble Student of the Markets

Join Cam Hui as he shares quant's revelations from technical and inter-market analysis. He will also show you how he learned to use trend-following models to time the markets.

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12:00 pm to 12:30 pm EST ETFs: Effective Asset Allocation in a Single Solution by Naseem Husain - Vice President, ETFs, Mackenzie Investments

Naseem Husain, vice president of ETF strategy at Mackenzie Investments, will share his perspective on asset allocation opportunities today and how investors can position their portfolios using ETFs. Portfolio construction insights for the beginner to the advanced investor will be discussed.

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12:40 pm to 1:10 pm EST After Covid-19 and the US Election: Where Is the Market Going? by Donald Dony - Principal, D. W. Dony and Associates, Inc.

The markets are being hit with the worst pandemic in a 100 years, plus a US presidential election like no other in a generation. During this session, Donald Dony discusses how this is all affecting a bull market that is already 11 years old.

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1:20 pm to 1:50 pm EST Why US Election Years Are Important for Canadian Investors by Brooke Thackray - Research Analyst, Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc.

The US presidential election can be a polarizing event for voters and historical data shows that it can be for the stock market too. Join Brooke Thackray, research analyst at Horizons ETFs, as he explores the seasonal investing trends surrounding US presidential elections including the impacts on US and Canadian markets, historical highs and lows of the period, how a Democrat or Republican win could impact the market, and how investors might take advantage of the trend in their portfolios.

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2:00 pm to 2:30 pm EST Discovering New Stock Breakout Candidates by Keith Richards - President, Chief Portfolio Manager, ValueTrend Wealth Management

Join Keith Richards to learn how ValueTrend scans for potential breakout's along with the criteria we look for in a potential stock candidate. A rebounding company or sector can be a magnificent thing to take advantage of, but signs of continued weakness can punish the security further. For this reason, you need an approach that marries company fundamentals with technical analysis. Only technical analysis can offer clues to the actions of the crowd and uncover key signs of the smart money buying into the real opportunities. Mr. Richards will teach you to use technical analysis to determine if a stock is truly breaking out with upside potential. He will show you how to identify the upside price targets along with the downside stop-loss discipline necessary to ensure you reduce your risk while maximize your returns on breakout stocks. You'll enjoy his often-humorous approach as he discusses navigating the murky waters of the stock market.

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2:40 pm to 3:10 pm EST Skyline Private REITs: The Asset Class That's Not Only Surviving, but Thriving Wayne Byrd - Chief Financial Officer, Skyline Group of Companies Jason Castellan - Co-Founder and CEO, Skyline Group of Companies

The 2020 public markets have provided a veritable roller-coaster-ride of drama and emotion. Great for a movie—but not for your investment portfolio. There's never been a better time to get off the ride and consider the private alternative investment market. While other investment classes struggle in the pandemic, many private investment products have shown strength and stability in these uncertain times.

Learn from the experts who grew their real estate and clean energy investment business from a few student rentals to a $5B+ asset corporation. Jason Castellan, CEO, and Wayne Byrd, CFO, from Skyline Group of Companies, will walk you through the many benefits of private alternative investments, explaining how you may enjoy capital preservation, fixed income, and capital appreciation, all in one investment.

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3:20 pm to 3:50 pm EST Why Contrarians Do It Better by Benj Gallander - President, Contra the Heard

Benj Gallander will attempt to look through a crystal ball and imagine the future. A big question is whether it will be possible to repeat the 18.4% annualized return of the past decade. For a change, he will leave lots of time for questions so you will get a chance to make him think. Mr. Gallander is ready to do more thinking!

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4:00 pm to 4:30 pm EST Tax Loss Harvesting: Actionable Ideas to Help You at Tax Time Alfred Lee - Senior Portfolio Manager, BMO Asset Management Inc. Erika Toth - Director, Institutional and Advisory, Eastern Canada, BMO ETFs

BMO ETFs is proud to be a Canadian leader in ETF education and actionable ideas to assist investors of all types. Tax Loss Harvesting is a process where investors can offset their capital gains by crystallizing any unrealized losses in non-registered accounts to lessen the annual tax burden. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) make that process easy to execute. Join BMO ETFs', Alfred Lee and Erika Toth, as they walk you through the process and explain how ETFs make the perfect tool to stay invested in the market while crystallizing any potential losses. Watch and listen for ideas on how you can execute on this key strategy and give you some confidence on where best to focus.

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4:40 pm to 5:10 pm EST Discussion on Family and Finance During Covid-19 with Kim Githler and Pattie Lovett-Reid Kim Githler - Chair and CEO, MoneyShow Pattie Lovett-Reid - Chief Financial Commentator, CTV News

Join MoneyShow's CEO and chair, Kim Githler, as she chats one-on-one with Pattie Lovett-Reid, CTV News' chief financial commentator. They will focus on how families are fairing during the pandemic, where unemployment is headed, what is happening in the real estate market, and the overall big picture of lessons learned over the last year. Have there been any silver linings? Tune in to find out!

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10:00 am to 10:30 am EST MoneySense Q&A: What Does the US Election Outcome Mean for Canadian Investors? Bryan Borzykowski - Contributor, MoneySense Sandra E. Martin - Editor-in-Chief, MoneySense

It's often been said the markets don't care who wins the election, but is that really true? With the results of the 2020 US presidential vote still fresh, MoneySense columnist Bryan Borzykowski, in conversation with editor-in-chief Sandra Martin, examines how the outcome might affect Canadian investors, along with the defensive and offensive strategies you might consider taking in your own portfolio.

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10:40 am to 11:10 am EST The Role of Real Asset ETFs in a Portfolio by Roxane Lapenna - Vice President, TD Asset Management

The standard 60/40 portfolio using equity and fixed income isn't what it used to be. Investors are now in need of innovative ways to generate income and provide diversification. Roxane Lapenna, vice president, client portfolio manager at TD Asset Management will discuss two new innovative real asset ETFs offered by TD, and how they fit into your portfolio.

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11:20 am to 11:50 am EST Sustainable Investing 101 by Tim Nash - Founder, Good Investing

Join Tim Nash, founder of Good Investing, as he discusses sustainable investment strategies including socially responsible investing (SRI); environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integration; impact investing; and fossil fuel divestment. He will provide an overview of these different approaches and share the latest data about growth and performance.

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12:00 pm to 12:30 pm EST Where to Go for Income in a Low-Yield World Prerna Chandak - Vice President of ETF Product & Strategy, Mackenzie Investments Benjamin Gossack, CFA - Vice President and Director, TD Asset Management Steve Hawkins - President and CEO, Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc. Sandra E. Martin - Editor-in-Chief, MoneySense

When the Bank of Canada dropped interest rates to 0.25% in 2009, it was supposed to be a temporary post-recession stimulus measure. But here we are, on the doorstep of 2021, and still facing low yields. What are the options for investors seeking income? Moderated by Sandra Martin, editor-in-chief of MoneySense, this session gives you access to experts from Horizons, Mackenzie Investments, and TD Asset Management.

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12:40 pm to 1:10 pm EST How to Apply the 3 Top Elliott Wave Setups in Your Trading by Jody Samuels - Founder, FX Trader's EDGE

Learn how to be in sync with the market moves! In this session, Jody Samuels will demystify Elliott Wave analysis and map it with a simple strategy. Apply her three-step process on the three-top-setups: analysis, strategy, and trade management.

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2:00 pm to 2:30 pm EST How to Pick the Right ETFs by Moez Mahrez - Investment Analyst, 5i Research

Moez Mahrez will provide an overview of the main criteria one should keep in mind when picking ETFs. He will discuss filling portfolio gaps with ETFs, using ETFs to get exposure to low knowledge areas, evaluating ETFs based on performance, assets under management, and fees, as well as tax-efficiency among other factors. Mr. Mahrez will also do a bit of an overview of different sectors and their valuations to point investors to interesting ETF themes.

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2:40 pm to 3:10 pm EST Sustainable Investing: Investments You Can Feel Good About in Every Way Erin Allen, CIM - Senior Product Manager, BMO ETFs Mark Webster - Director, BMO ETFs

The world is changing rapidly, it is undeniable. Events are unfolding that are having immeasurable impact on how society operates and how we view the sustainability of our planet. As a result, investors have started considering how they can best direct their investments to grow their wealth while also supporting businesses and outcomes that align with their values. The last 5 years has seen a massive lift in assets under management from investors south of the border who want to align their investing with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) related factors and products.

This presentation will educate investors on the evolution of responsible investing while providing clear distinctions between the different ways that ESG-factors have been integrated into investment strategies. You will see how well the products have stacked up against other broad market indices for performance and learn more about the methodology. BMO ETFs has partnered with MSCI to offer the leading suite of ESG ETF products available in the Canadian market, including ZESG, the first and only ESG-related Asset Allocation ETF in Canada. Learn more about how these products can help you achieve your important investment goals while not compromising on your core values.

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3:20 pm to 3:50 pm EST OSC Tips on Protecting Yourself from Covid-19 Scams and Frauds by Raj Balasubramanian - Manager, Investor Office, Ontario Securities Commission

Covid-19 has had an impact on everyone's lives including our financial lives. The OSC's Investor Experience project was launched in Spring of 2020 to further understand the retail investor experience during Covid-19. This presentation will cover the findings of the project along with the OSC's educational resources highlighting the scams and frauds in the marketplace currently. The presentation will also cover the highlights of partnerships that the OSC has with organizations such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), and local law enforcement agencies and the collaborative steps being taken in response to the Covid-19 scams.

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4:40 pm to 5:10 pm EST Make the Big Banks Work for You, Not Against You by Larry Bates - Author, Beat the Bank: The Canadian Guide to Simply Successful Investing

You work hard. You sacrifice to save. You risk your money in the market over your working lifetime and you trust your bank to treat you fairly. But your bank strips away half of your lifetime investment returns in fees. Without realizing it, millions of Canadians are in precisely this position. The investment industry capitalizes on a combination of poor understanding of fees, deep loyalty, and misplaced trust by charging Canadians the highest investment fees in the world. During this session, Larry Bates explains how there is a better way!

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10:00 am to 10:30 am EST Forget the Analysts, What Are the Charts Saying? by Omar Ayales - Editor, Gold Charts R Us

Over the past year, Covid-19 redefined the fabric of society. Health and safety have become center stage, pushing gold to new highs. But as concerns ease and a global economic recovery develops, many issues have turned political. Fake news and politics are making it harder than ever for traders, investors, and money managers to find hints of market sentiment and direction. In Omar Ayales' presentation he will remove the bias and the noise and take you through a chart-walk around the world. He will show you what price action is saying and more importantly, where it's headed. Together we will uncover the investment trends that will define 2021.

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10:40 am to 11:10 am EST Top 7 Financial Planning Strategies to Incorporate into Your Retirement by Susan Mallin - Financial Planner and Associate Portfolio Manager, Watt Carmichael

You want to be confident that you are you are meeting all of your financial objectives. Avoid disappointing results by spotting red flags early in the process and capitalizing on what would otherwise be considered missed opportunities. Susan Mallin pulls all of your wealth-building strategies into the fold in order to marry your investment strategies with financial planning in a way that makes sense for you. She will cover pre-retirement readiness, cash flow withdrawal strategies, tax efficiencies, time value of money, impact of volatility/quality, wealth protection, and dealing with estates.

The greatest contributor to your financial wellbeing is integrating financial planning into all facets of your wealth. - Susan Mallin, CFP, CIM

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11:20 am to 11:50 am EST Investing in the Post-Covid-19 World by Candice Bangsund - Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Global Asset Allocation, Fiera Capital

Join Candice Bangsund, vice president and portfolio manager for Fiera Capitals Global Asset Allocation Team, for a macro-economic overview of the global economy and what she thinks investors can expect for the next 12 months in the global markets. This session will provide Fiera Capitals 12-month forecasts for important capital markets and economies, including Canada and the US, and will discuss which asset classes are the best positioned for a global economic recovery following the unprecedented decline that has occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ms. Bangsund will take a particular focus on fixed-income strategies that could benefit from changes in global fiscal and monetary policy and how investors can shift their asset allocation to take advantage of these trends.

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12:40 pm to 1:10 pm EST The Secret to Picking Winning Stocks by Tyler Bollhorn - Founder, Stockscores.com

More than 90% of stocks that outperform the market with strong gains show this important characteristic when their up trend is starting. During the webinar, Stockscores founder Tyler Bollhorn will show what to look for and how to find it. Whether you are a long-term investor, a medium-term swing trader, or a short-term day trader, the signal is the same and essential to finding winning stocks early.

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2:00 pm to 2:30 pm EST Using Seasonality to Invest During a Pandemic by Jon Vialoux - Founder, EquityClock.com

Seasonal investing has come to be adopted as a static approach in which funds are allocated to investments based on dates alone. The historical price analysis provides an interesting look at average annual tendencies, but it is not helpful when the underlying fundamental influences that drive prices throughout the year do not follow their historical norms, such as what is occurring in this pandemic. In this presentation, we take a look at the proprietary three-pronged approach, pioneered by Equity Clock, that incorporates seasonal, fundamental, and technical analysis as a way to improve investment returns beyond a simple date-based or buy-and-hold approach. Jon Vialoux will show you the average recurring fundamental patterns that play out in the economy and how to react when they do not play out according to seasonal norms.

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3:15 pm to 4:00 pm EST Covid-19 Financial Contemplations: Making the Best Out of a Bad Situation by Colin Ritchie - Lawyer and Financial Planner, Colin S. Ritchie

Covid-19 has forced many of us to take a long, hard second look at our finances and investments. Listen to this presentation in order to get some insight on ways you can potentially minimize the financial impact of this financial tsunami and best position yourself for its aftermath. Colin Ritchie will cover capital gains planning, use of trusts, and what to do about your mortgage.


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