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Erin Swenlin

VP and Senior Technical Analyst


Erin Swenlin, daughter of technical analysis expert, Carl Swenlin, is the vice president and senior technical analyst at DecisionPoint.com. She has been writing about the markets for over 10 years, but has been studying the markets for over 25 years, including writing her Master's thesis on using artificially intelligent neural networks to predict movements of the OEX. She is a consulting senior technical analyst at StockCharts.com and co-hosts the DecisionPoint Show with her father and WealthWise Women with Mary Ellen McGonagle on StockChartsTV.

Speaker Schedule

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - 1:20 pm to 1:50 pm EDT DecisionPoint Diamond Mining: How to Find "Diamonds in the Rough" Investment Opportunities Focus: STRATEGIES

Erin Swenlin will demonstrate how she mines the market to find "diamonds in the rough." She will share her exclusive "Diamond Scan" and "Diamond Dog Scan." After discussing the scans, Ms. Swenlin will run a real-time scan and show you how she quickly sifts through the results to find the best candidates based on the DecisionPoint Analysis Process. She will also be unveiling the new Golden Cross Index and Silver Cross Index indicators that Carl Swenlin recently developed. These indicators identify the internals of not only the S&P 500, but also are available for other broad market indexes and each sector. You don't want to miss this opportunity to learn the basics of data mining and selection.


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