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Ralph Acampora

Altaira Wealth Management

Mike Adams

Adams Financial Concepts, LLC

Brian Aspen

Preferred Coin Exchange

David Auerbach

The Daily REITBeat

Chris Barry

National Retail Properties, Inc.

Jason Bodner

Harry Boxer

John Collier

Reliable One Resources

Frank Curzio

Curzio Research

Jeff DeMaso

Adviser Investments

John Dobosz

Forbes Premium Income Report & Forbes Dividend Investor

Rick Durfee

Durfee Law Group, PLLC

Keith Fitz-Gerald

Fitz-Gerald Group

Phil Flynn

The PRICE Futures Group

Steve Forbes

Forbes Media

Carley Garner

DeCarley Trading

Nick Giorgi


Kerry Given

Parkwood Capital, LLC

Cory Grant

SafeMoney, LLC

Toni Hansen

Eric Harmon

Preferred Coin Exchange

Jeffrey Hirsch

The Stock Trader's Almanac; Almanac Investor

Shawn Iadonato

Kineta, Inc.

Jack Jacobs

Zhittya Genesis Medicine, Inc.

Craig Johnson

Piper Sandler & Co.

Steve Johnson

Adviser Investments

Sean Kozak

NeuroStreet Trading Academy

Hilary Kramer


Marc LoPresti

BattleFin Group, LLC

Mark Mahaney

RBC Capital Markets

Adrian Manz

Jon Markman

Tech Trend Trader, The Power Elite, & Strategic Advantage

Michael Markowski

Dynasty Wealth Investing

Leonard Mazur

Citius Pharma

John McCamant

Medical Technology Stock Letter

Stephen Moore

Committee to Unleash Prosperity

John Mousseau

Cumberland Advisors

Jon Najarian

Market Rebellion

Louis Navellier

Growth Investor, Breakthrough Stocks, & Accelerated Profits

John Person

John Person, Inc.

David Phillips

Estate Planning Specialists, Inc.

Todd Phillips

Estate Planning Specialists, Inc.

Steve Reitmeister

Michael Robinson

NOVA-X Report & Radical Technology Profits

Mark Russo

Treasure Investments Corporation and Foundry Michelangelo

Jeffrey Saut

Capital Wealth Planning

Peter Schiff

Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.

Ian Selig

Safehold, Inc.

Michael Sheppard

Treasure Investments DBA Foundry Michelangelo

Kevin Simpson

Capital Wealth Planning

Mark Skousen

Forecasts & Strategies, High-Income Alert

David H. Smith

Erin Swenlin

Charlie Toole

Adviser Investments

Mike Turner

Turner Capital Investments

Oliver Velez


Jamie Vickery

Wildcat Exploration, LLC

Ray Wang

Constellation Research, Inc.

TG Watkins

Simpler Trading

Kelley Wright

Investment Quality Trends

John Yesford

High Dividend Opportunities

Thomas Young

Wildcat Exploration, LLC

Kathleen (Kamie) Zaracki



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