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August 18, 2020
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11:00 am to 1:00 pm EDT Simple Steps to Trading* by Toni Hansen - President & CEO, ToniHansen.com

Feeling overwhelmed? Wishing you had one person to help walk you through getting started as a trader? Here's your chance. With over 20 years of full-time trading under her belt, Toni Hansen loves to teach as much as she loves to trade. It shows. Toni has been a MoneyShow staple since the 90s, as well as an educator for the CME Group and International Securities Exchange. Hold her hand in Vegas as guides you through her simple steps to trading.

Part 1 - Getting Started - Starting with a crash course on the pros and cons of today's most popular markets, Toni will move on to choosing a broker and charting platform, system specs for your trading platform, and monitor layouts and chart configuration.

Part 2 - Simple Steps to Technical Analysis - In this segment, you will learn Toni's five core building blocks of price development and how to read each of them without any special indicators or platform add-ons. Every single trading strategy Toni uses is built with these building blocks.

Part 3 - The Trade - Toni's favorite beginner strategy will be detailed, which is suitable for any market and any time frame-complete with live examples!

Part 4 - Executing the Trade - Understanding different order entry platforms and order types, as well as a live demonstration on how and when to use them.

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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3:00 pm to 5:00 pm EDT Day & Swing Trader's Guide to Profiting in Any Market* by Harry Boxer - Author, TheTechTrader.com

In this MoneyMasters class, renowned technical analyst and author of The Technical Trader, Harry Boxer will share the strategies he's used in almost half a century of charting the markets.

Join Harry as he demonstrates how to:

  • Build your focus list for the session: This includes analyzing patterns from the previous day, as well as pre-market news and price/volume percent gainers.
  • Play opening gaps and early session patterns: With the vast majority of intraday day-tradable patterns initiated at or very close to the opening of trading, Harry will show you how to closely analyze the first 15-30 minutes of pattern and related volume development to recognize what stocks may be excellent day trades or at least strong early scalp plays.
  • Draw trendlines, set targets, and stops: Harry will show you how he continuously draws and monitors/updates throughout the session his trend lines, channels, and important developing continuation patterns such as flags, pennants, coils, in addition to adding support and resistance lines for targeting purposes.
  • Determine your time horizon and when to swing trade: Harry will discuss the channel patterns and charting time frames that help in determining when to extend to a swing, plus his key rules for swing traders.

Learn from this 50-year veteran trader and technical analyst, and author of the highly acclaimed Profitable Day & Swing Trading (Wiley), noted by Stock Traders' Almanac as the 2015 Best Investment Book of the Year.

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

August 19, 2020
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10:30 am to 12:30 pm EDT You Can't Take It with You: The Most Powerful Estate-Planning & Asset Protection Strategies* Rick Durfee - Principal and Founder, Durfee Law Group, PLLC David Phillips - CEO, Estate Planning Specialists, Inc. Todd Phillips - President, Estate Planning Specialists, Inc.

Your experts are David T. Phillips, best-selling author of Estate Planning Made Easy, The 10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes, The Bombshell Battle Plan: How to Defend Against the IRS's Secret Weapon and The Family Bank Strategy; Richard Durfee, author of Your IRA: Asset or Ambush and Why All Trusts Are Not Created Equal; and Todd Phillips, author of The Future of Retirement Savings and The Bombshell Battle Plan.

In this MoneyMasters class, you will learn:

  • The revised rules with regard to estate planning, income-tax planning, and asset protection
  • The best opportunities in estate planning under the new law that will allow you to keep your wealth in the family
  • The true financial impact of the SECURE Act to your family
  • How to let someone else pay the tax when converting your IRA/401k
  • How to optimize your IRA Roth conversion and achieve zero income taxes by 2025
  • How to avoid paying capital-gains taxes on your appreciated assets that you want to sell
  • The reasons behind the growing trend for multi-generation dynasty estate planning
  • Jurisdictional diversification: multi-state advantages, jurisdiction independence, offshore & onshore pros and cons
  • Integrating IRAs with your trust under new rules
  • Wealth protection strategies that will ensure you never run out of money

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EDT Conservative Income Generation* by Kerry Given - Founder & Managing Director, Parkwood Capital, LLC

Dr. Kerry Given, author of No-Hype Options Trading and Time Is Money, has over 30 years' experience in the equity markets and has been trading options since 1999. For the first time ever, he has agreed to teach a two-hour MoneyMasters Class that you won't want to miss!

Some of the topics you will learn in this in-depth session include:

  • The case for conservative options trading with 30 years of data
  • The covered-call strategy
  • Selling cash-secured equity puts
  • Combining covered calls and selling cash-secured puts into a selling premium income-generation strategy
  • Ultra-conservative covered-call strategies
  • Building a blue-chip, dividend-paying portfolio and augmenting the income with selective covered calls
  • Reviewing real-world trading results in different markets
  • Handling stock pullbacks and market corrections
  • The role of account size
  • Guidelines for minimum option premiums when entering or rolling positions
  • Estimating the probability of early exercise
  • Nuances of rolling options
  • Capital allocation and portfolio risk management

At the end of this MoneyMasters Class, you will walk away with professional-grade options trading strategies, with all the bells and whistles of Wall Street, but simplified for part-time traders.

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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3:30 pm to 5:30 pm EDT Value Investing with a Growth-&-Income Twist* by Hilary Kramer - Editor, GameChangers

Dubbed "a one-woman financial investment powerhouse" by Financial Times, and "one of the best-known investors in America" by The Economist, Hilary Kramer, editor, GameChangers, is teaching a MoneyMasters class for the first time ever.

In this two-hour, in-depth MoneyMasters class, she will lay out her proprietary valuation methodology in a format everyday investors, like you, can exploit to protect and grow your wealth in all market environments. How does she do it, year after year? Detailed examples of past favorites and today's hot prospects puts the power in your hands.

Hilary will share under-the-radar "must buy" growth- and income-producing value stocks that will provide exceptional returns in this post-Covid-19 new world. For optimal high double-digit returns, this long-only portfolio must be matched with the trading of stocks and options to give complementary high-octane returns that guarantees double-digit winning performance.

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

August 20, 2020
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11:00 am to 1:00 pm EDT Dividends Are the Key to Wealth* John Dobosz - Editor, Forbes Premium Income Report & Forbes Dividend Investor Kelley Wright - Managing Editor, Investment Quality Trends

Not all dividend-paying companies are created equal. High-quality companies have lower downside risk and higher upside potential. In this MoneyMasters Class, two top dividend experts, John Dobosz, editor of Forbes Dividend Investor and Forbes Premium Income Report and Kelley Wright, managing editor of Investment Quality Trends, will guide you through the maze of choices and show you the best ways to generate income, with a level of risk that still allows you to sleep at night.

John Dobosz will present a checklist of fundamental criteria for finding desirable dividend stocks that trade at discounted valuations with dividends well covered by cash flow. He will also outline options-selling strategies to generate additional income, including covered calls and put writing.

Kelley Wright will cover how to use dividends and dividend yields to identify high-quality stocks and know when they offer good value. He will show how the dividend yield gives clear guidance when to buy, sell, or hold a stock.

If you've been struggling to find higher-income opportunities for your portfolio in this low-yield environment, you won't want to miss this event!

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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3:00 pm to 5:00 pm EDT Technical Analysis: An Integral Part of Quality Research* Ralph Acampora - Head of Technical and Market Analysis, Altaira Wealth Management Craig Johnson - Managing Director and Senior Technical Analyst, Piper Sandler & Co.

Charting and technical analysis, once denigrated by the majority of traders and investors, have become mainstream tools for those with a serious interest in analyzing and forecasting the financial markets. Yet, even today, most investors and traders do not realize the full potential of these powerful, and surprisingly accurate, tools.

Craig Johnson, senior technical analyst of Piper Sandler & Co. and former president of the CMT Association, will provide a technical tutorial session covering several important technical metrics. He will be joined by Ralph Acampora, head of technical and market analysis at Altaira, Ltd., known as the "Godfather of Technical Analysis," and one of the most respected technical analysts in the business. Together, they will share innovative ideas on how to harness the predictive power of technical analysis and show you how to use them to become a better trader.

Technical analysis is more than just looking for patterns on charts. Learn how to read charts, understand market indicators, incorporate intermarket analysis, and bring them all together to execute trades where the risk/reward opportunities are constantly in your favor. This is a session that you cannot afford to miss!

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

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