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In response to unprecedented economic collapse brought on by the government's nonsensical response to the coronavirus pandemic, the powers in Washington have decided that the Federal Reserve's ability to create money out of thin air is a sufficient substitute for an actual economy. Few in power are showing the slightest concern regarding the nearly $4 trillion in new debt that has been added to the Fed's balance sheet so far in 2020 (equal to entire amount added in the 2008-2012 financial crisis). But the recent steady declines in the dollar since the Spring show that the buck is not immune to the monetary and fiscal insanity in Washington. The trends are making a big impact on investment performance.

Harry Boxer discusses his pattern recognition strategy for identifying breakout trading opportunities. He illustrates how to use intraday technicals and patterns to uncover winning stocks on intraday and daily charts. Learn from this 50-year veteran trader and technical analyst, and author of the highly acclaimed Profitable Day & Swing Trading (Wiley), noted by Stock Traders' Almanac as the 2015 Best Investment Book of the Year.

This has been the single best performing segment in the industry, yet it is often overlooked. Many coins have exploded in value over time and Preferred Coin Exchange feels this is the last chance to cash in! They are the only place you will have full visibility of the market, economics, and availability.

Feeling overwhelmed? Wishing you had one person to help walk you through getting started as a trader? Here's your chance. With over 20 years of full-time trading under her belt, Toni Hansen loves to teach as much as she loves to trade. It shows. Toni has been a MoneyShow staple since the 90s, as well as an educator for the CME Group and International Securities Exchange. Hold her hand in Vegas as guides you through her simple steps to trading.

Part 1 - Getting Started - Starting with a crash course on the pros and cons of today's most popular markets, Toni will move on to choosing a broker and charting platform, system specs for your trading platform, and monitor layouts and chart configuration.

Part 2 - Simple Steps to Technical Analysis - In this segment, you will learn Toni's five core building blocks of price development and how to read each of them without any special indicators or platform add-ons. Every single trading strategy Toni uses is built with these building blocks.

Part 3 - The Trade - Toni's favorite beginner strategy will be detailed, which is suitable for any market and any time frame-complete with live examples!

Part 4 - Executing the Trade - Understanding different order entry platforms and order types, as well as a live demonstration on how and when to use them.

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

Adrian Manz will take you through his most powerful income-trading strategy. It works in all markets and excels in this volatile climate. He will show you why you should participate in the market open like hedge funds and high-frequency trading operations. Focusing on the 60 minutes right after the opening bell, he will show you how to time trades like a market-maker and how to use technical levels to fine-tune the trades. You'll learn how this strategy does all this while still minimizing risk.

Every day, we are constantly reminded that we live in a world where technology is evolving faster than ever. These leading technology experts will discuss:

  • The Key Tech Trends That Will Power Exponential Growth
  • What the Best Investment Plays Are to Win in the Post-Digital World
  • The Business Models That Will Drive the Future for Every Portfolio

Get up to speed on the latest trends in the industry, explore breakthrough technologies, and hear about the most innovative disruptors reshaping the future.

Trying to square a spreading pandemic and faltering economy with a rising stock market? Join Jeff DeMaso as he dives into the factors at play in the current environment, where we might go from here, and the risks and opportunities for investors like you along the way. This is your chance to hearMr. DeMaso's valuable guidance on how you can build a better portfolio for today's—and tomorrow's—markets.

We are on the verge of $30 - $68 trillion dollars passing from one generation to the next over the next few decades. As much as 70% of this wealth is lost at each generation, resulting in only 10% reaching generation three. Where does it go? Who gets it? What happens to the family? What can we do about it? Traditional approaches of divide, distribute, and dissipate don't work. Find out what does work and what you can do about it.

Throughout its 35-year history, National Retail Properties (NYSE: NNN) has navigated many market conditions. The company has learned to never rest on its laurels when things go well and never panic when things take a wrong turn. Come hear how using disciplined, consistent execution has allowed NNN to increase its annual dividend for 31 consecutive years and produce a 25-year average annual total return of 11.3% (through 03/31/20). NNN announced Q2 2020 operating results of $0.65 Core FFO per common share, portfolio occupancy of 98.7%, and the company ended the quarter with $224.6 million of cash and no amounts drawn on its $900 million bank credit facility.

In this MoneyMasters class, renowned technical analyst and author of The Technical Trader, Harry Boxer will share the strategies he's used in almost half a century of charting the markets.

Join Harry as he demonstrates how to:

  • Build your focus list for the session: This includes analyzing patterns from the previous day, as well as pre-market news and price/volume percent gainers.
  • Play opening gaps and early session patterns: With the vast majority of intraday day-tradable patterns initiated at or very close to the opening of trading, Harry will show you how to closely analyze the first 15-30 minutes of pattern and related volume development to recognize what stocks may be excellent day trades or at least strong early scalp plays.
  • Draw trendlines, set targets, and stops: Harry will show you how he continuously draws and monitors/updates throughout the session his trend lines, channels, and important developing continuation patterns such as flags, pennants, coils, in addition to adding support and resistance lines for targeting purposes.
  • Determine your time horizon and when to swing trade: Harry will discuss the channel patterns and charting time frames that help in determining when to extend to a swing, plus his key rules for swing traders.

Learn from this 50-year veteran trader and technical analyst, and author of the highly acclaimed Profitable Day & Swing Trading (Wiley), noted by Stock Traders' Almanac as the 2015 Best Investment Book of the Year.

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

Reliable Ones wholly owned Quantum Filtration, Inc., subsidiary was formed to meet the increasing demand for high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) with the introduction of its innovative, surgical-grade face mask. The mask utilizes a patent-pending and proprietary graphene membrane initially developed for use in Reliable Ones water desalination process and polypropylene fabric. Independent testing has shown that the mask blocks 99.9975% of particles sized .07 microns or larger, making the Reliable One filter potentially capable of blocking even the smallest virus and bacteria. By comparison, an N95 mask is rated to block only 95% of particles sized .3 microns.

What if you could look beyond price and identify big moves in stocks before they happen? TG Watkins, director of stocks at Simpler Trading, will walk you through the steps of The Moxie Method--a pinpoint process to identify straightforward setups on stock charts regardless of market direction. His simple chart checklist guided him to double his ROTH account in 13 months and triple a smaller account in even less time without the use of options. Mr. Watkins consistently follows simple rules that provide reliable results. The Moxie Method principle and checklist work for beginners and advanced traders.

The two things every stock investor wants to know is: What do I buy, and when do I sell? In this workshop, Kelley Wright will discuss the IQ Trends method for identifying high-quality stocks and how to determine when they offer good value, so you know when to buy, sell, or hold. He will also show you the importance of dividends in identifying quality and good value. This workshop will change how you choose stocks for your portfolio forever!

The collapse of oil prices slammed the brakes on the US shale revolution and energy dominance. Join Fox Business News contributor Phil Flynn and veteran growth-and-income investor Louis Navellier as they explore:

  • Whether the Demand for Oil has Peaked
  • If the Internal Combustion Engine is Dead
  • The Real Cost of Clean Fuels
  • Where the Bargains and Risks Are in This Beaten-Down Sector

The energy sector is still one of tremendous opportunity-if you know where to place your bets. Learn how to position yourself for the next phase of energy's evolution.

Join Stephen Moore, distinguished visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation, for this special Keynote Presentation discussing how we will get the economy up and running again and how to get a robust recovery. He will also detail what policies are likely to change the economic landscape, how long it will take for the stock market to fully recover, and how the election in November will affect the future of the economy.

Your experts are David T. Phillips, best-selling author of Estate Planning Made Easy, The 10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes, The Bombshell Battle Plan: How to Defend Against the IRS's Secret Weapon and The Family Bank Strategy; Richard Durfee, author of Your IRA: Asset or Ambush and Why All Trusts Are Not Created Equal; and Todd Phillips, author of The Future of Retirement Savings and The Bombshell Battle Plan.

In this MoneyMasters class, you will learn:

  • The revised rules with regard to estate planning, income-tax planning, and asset protection
  • The best opportunities in estate planning under the new law that will allow you to keep your wealth in the family
  • The true financial impact of the SECURE Act to your family
  • How to let someone else pay the tax when converting your IRA/401k
  • How to optimize your IRA Roth conversion and achieve zero income taxes by 2025
  • How to avoid paying capital-gains taxes on your appreciated assets that you want to sell
  • The reasons behind the growing trend for multi-generation dynasty estate planning
  • Jurisdictional diversification: multi-state advantages, jurisdiction independence, offshore & onshore pros and cons
  • Integrating IRAs with your trust under new rules
  • Wealth protection strategies that will ensure you never run out of money

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

Alternative data has been a hot topic in recent years, but understanding and consuming these complex data sets has been almost entirely limited to institutional investors. Not anymore. Attend and hear:

  • What Alternative Data Are and How They Are Generated
  • How Sophisticated Quants Use Alternative Data to Identify Clues, Anticipate Earnings, Find New Investment Ideas, and Confirm Existing Theses
  • How Artificial Intelligence Can Speed Up the Data Processing to Reach the Best Insights Fastest

Two top industry players will show you how you can use alternative data to generate alpha and trade like the biggest players on Wall Street.

With the Federal Reserve returning to zero interest rates and Quantitative Easing (QE) and Congress spending massive new deficits, inflation is bound to return with a vengeance. In this timely session, Dr. Mark Skousen will reveal his favorite five ways to invest in the new inflationary cycle, including his favorite investments in precious metals, technology, finance, and healthcare.

Learn about FDA Clinical Trials where a revolutionary new treatment addresses the cause of the disease and not just the symptoms. Find out about the new Disease Modifying Agent that potentially reverses the course of an illness.

Join Mark Russo, founder and chairman of Treasure Investments Corporation and Foundry Michelangelo, and Michael Sheppard, director of investor relations, to gain knowledge about increasing the return on your investments prior to taking the company public.

In the era of low interest rates and heightened volatility, where can investors look for dependable income? Portfolio managers, Charlie Toole and Steve Johnson, explain how a traditional dividend model and a tactical income strategy work together to provide rising income and total return.

Dr. Kerry Given, author of No-Hype Options Trading and Time Is Money, has over 30 years' experience in the equity markets and has been trading options since 1999. For the first time ever, he has agreed to teach a two-hour MoneyMasters Class that you won't want to miss!

Some of the topics you will learn in this in-depth session include:

  • The case for conservative options trading with 30 years of data
  • The covered-call strategy
  • Selling cash-secured equity puts
  • Combining covered calls and selling cash-secured puts into a selling premium income-generation strategy
  • Ultra-conservative covered-call strategies
  • Building a blue-chip, dividend-paying portfolio and augmenting the income with selective covered calls
  • Reviewing real-world trading results in different markets
  • Handling stock pullbacks and market corrections
  • The role of account size
  • Guidelines for minimum option premiums when entering or rolling positions
  • Estimating the probability of early exercise
  • Nuances of rolling options
  • Capital allocation and portfolio risk management

At the end of this MoneyMasters Class, you will walk away with professional-grade options trading strategies, with all the bells and whistles of Wall Street, but simplified for part-time traders.

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

Erin Swenlin will demonstrate how she mines the market to find "diamonds in the rough." She will share her exclusive "Diamond Scan" and "Diamond Dog Scan." After discussing the scans, Ms. Swenlin will run a real-time scan and show you how she quickly sifts through the results to find the best candidates based on the DecisionPoint Analysis Process. She will also be unveiling the new Golden Cross Index and Silver Cross Index indicators that Carl Swenlin recently developed. These indicators identify the internals of not only the S&P 500, but also are available for other broad market indexes and each sector. You don't want to miss this opportunity to learn the basics of data mining and selection.

Did you know with the passage of the SECURE Act on January 1, 2020, your IRA/401k, etc. will be slashed to pieces? Estate planning expert, David T. Phillips, will not only explain the new retirement rules of engagement, he will disclose the strategies you can implement to restore what Congress just took away. If you have an IRA, you must attend this workshop! All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Mr. Phillips' new exclusive Special Report, The Bombshell Battle Plan, How to Defend Against the IRS' Secret Weapon - Post 2020 SECURE Act.

Election years are traditionally up years. Incumbent administrations shamelessly attempt to massage the economy so voters will keep them in power. But sometimes overpowering events occur and the market crumbles, usually resulting in a change of political control. Since 1948, election years usually suffer a brief span of weakness early in the year with only two losses in the last seven months of all these years. Get Jeffrey Hirsch's latest market outlook and seasonal investing opportunities in sector ETFs and top-ranked stocks and learn the ins and outs of his best six months switching strategy.

Savvy market investors know that beating the market isn't about getting lucky with a couple of stocks. It's about knowing when to get in and out of the market at the right times. During this session, investment professional, Mike Turner, will show you how he knew the exact right time to get out of the market before March's precipitous decline and then the signals that got him back in to ride the market's dramatic rise since April. He'll also show you the process he goes through to pick the stocks that have the best chance to beat the markets to the upside. Mr. Turner will host a Zoom meeting after his talk in the Turner Capital Investments virtual booth to answer all of your questions.

Dubbed "a one-woman financial investment powerhouse" by Financial Times, and "one of the best-known investors in America" by The Economist, Hilary Kramer, editor, GameChangers, is teaching a MoneyMasters class for the first time ever.

In this two-hour, in-depth MoneyMasters class, she will lay out her proprietary valuation methodology in a format everyday investors, like you, can exploit to protect and grow your wealth in all market environments. How does she do it, year after year? Detailed examples of past favorites and today's hot prospects puts the power in your hands.

Hilary will share under-the-radar "must buy" growth- and income-producing value stocks that will provide exceptional returns in this post-Covid-19 new world. For optimal high double-digit returns, this long-only portfolio must be matched with the trading of stocks and options to give complementary high-octane returns that guarantees double-digit winning performance.

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

These stock types all tend to make seasonal trend reversals during this time. Join John Person as he shares in detail these sectors and targets specific sub-sectors that may present great trading opportunities. What are the next major levels of support and which sector will emerge as the leader? He will walk you through a checklist of specific trades setting up in certain stocks and sectors including how to apply trades using ETFs and leveraged ETFs so that you can utilize targeted option strategies to capitalize on defined risk and reward trading opportunities for these potential moves in their respective time frames.

Join John McCamant of the Medical Technology Stock Letter, who's editors have more than 70 years of combined experience in biotech investing, as he discusses how post-pandemic biotech stocks are poised to become the premier growth sector for the next decade. Biotech investing is the perfect nexus of wealth, health, and technology. Biotech will be a major part of the solution to Covid-19-as it has already demonstrated-with over 100 new trials starting recently for treatments, vaccines, and diagnostic tools.

Who needs the Super Bowl when we have a presidential election coming up? Two renowned economists debate the political and economic climate and offer a unique "Washington to Wall Street" perspective on the long- and short-term implications of the Presidential election results on investors' portfolios. Attend and find out:

  • How Savvy Investors Can Prosper During Trump's Second Term
  • Who the Winners and the Losers Will Be Under a Biden Administration
  • How Each Candidate's Policies Will Affect the Economy & Various Sectors

Don't miss this rousing discussion and go beyond the news of the day to plot your course to profit no matter who wins the election.

Steve Forbes, chairman and editor-in-chief, Forbes Media, will share fresh ideas for addressing the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic, the Presidential election, and fallout from both events happening at the same time. From tax reform to trade policy and everything in between, he will cover how these factors will impact investors and what you can do to protect and grow your portfolio.

US equities have staged an impressive comeback from the March lows as they climbed their way out of bear market territory. The shift to decelerating Covid-19 cases has been the primary catalyst behind the recovery. However, the transition from rising to peak case counts did not come without economic pain, as the market recalibrated expectations to what we consider a worst-case scenario. Washington has reacted relatively quickly with unprecedented stimulus and a "Do whatever it takes" Federal Reserve policy response. The historic degree of stimulus, along with record-low interest rates, should provide valuation support as the market navigates around a turbulent earnings season. Based on this backdrop, Craig Johnson believes the pain trade has now flipped from down to up, as investors look ahead with optimism for reopening the US economy.

Join Mark Russo, founder and chairman of Treasure Investments Corporation and Foundry Michelangelo, and Michael Sheppard, director of investor relations, to gain knowledge about increasing the return on your investments prior to taking the company public.

Not all dividend-paying companies are created equal. High-quality companies have lower downside risk and higher upside potential. In this MoneyMasters Class, two top dividend experts, John Dobosz, editor of Forbes Dividend Investor and Forbes Premium Income Report and Kelley Wright, managing editor of Investment Quality Trends, will guide you through the maze of choices and show you the best ways to generate income, with a level of risk that still allows you to sleep at night.

John Dobosz will present a checklist of fundamental criteria for finding desirable dividend stocks that trade at discounted valuations with dividends well covered by cash flow. He will also outline options-selling strategies to generate additional income, including covered calls and put writing.

Kelley Wright will cover how to use dividends and dividend yields to identify high-quality stocks and know when they offer good value. He will show how the dividend yield gives clear guidance when to buy, sell, or hold a stock.

If you've been struggling to find higher-income opportunities for your portfolio in this low-yield environment, you won't want to miss this event!

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

Times have certainly been turbulent of late between Covid-19, the collapse of oil prices, and unrest in major US cities. That has caused significant volatility in the stock market as well as many dividend cuts. John Yesford will discuss the factors that make preferred stocks a very good investment choice, particularly for income investors, during such times.

Steve Reitmeister wants to set the record straight with this presentation to help investors outperform the rest of the year. In order to do that he will cover: Why it's still a long-term bear market, why the bear is hibernating for now, and how the presidential election is also trouble for stocks. Mr. Reitmeister will also detail his trading strategy to generate gains as the bear market returns, his top picks for today's market, and more to get you ready to succeed for the rest of the year!

Hilary Kramer's career began in the turmoil around a historic market crash and decades later the money is still flowing. She is living proof that you can survive extreme volatility and even thrive, provided you have the right perspective and the discipline to uncover trades that are working when everything else goes the wrong direction. Capture income in a zero-rate world. Plant the seeds of a new kind of growth portfolio for the rebound cycleit is coming! And, as always, Ms. Kramer's favorite stocks for tomorrow and today are in the spotlight.

With the evolution of the REIT industry, how can an investor take advantage of the constantly changing sector? Which sectors should an investor keep an eye on as we watch e-commerce take over the internet? Do interest rates really matter when it comes to REIT investing? In this session, David Auerbach will explore why REITs should be an essential part of any portfolio and discuss ideas that will help a REIT investor become a more informed investor.

Imagine how it will feel to finally have consistent trading profits day after day, week after week, month after month! Learning to day trade involves a couple of critical aspects that if done correctly can alter the course of your life and career forever. In this webinar, Sean Kozak will teach you how to manage risk and not blow-out your account with four easy-to-follow steps.

Most experts agree that real estate should be part of every investor's diversified portfolio. But, few of us can ever invest on the same scale as legendary real estate investor Sam Zell. And let's face it, most of us don't want the headaches that come with being a landlord either. Enter, real estate investment trusts (REITs), which solve these pesky issues, plus provide a whole lot more benefits. Join this panel of executives from some of the top-performing REITs in the sector and hear why it makes good financial sense to incorporate them into your portfolio.

News has always been a driving force for the markets, but over the past year, investors have become skittish and corrections have deepened. In this session Toni Hansen will share with you her favorite weapon and show how you can use it to quickly and confidently select the week's top market movers before it's too late (and in many cases, before the news even hits the wires!) No proprietary systems or indicators will be used in this session. Attend, learn, apply the concept, build your trading confidence, profit, and share!

Charting and technical analysis, once denigrated by the majority of traders and investors, have become mainstream tools for those with a serious interest in analyzing and forecasting the financial markets. Yet, even today, most investors and traders do not realize the full potential of these powerful, and surprisingly accurate, tools.

Craig Johnson, senior technical analyst of Piper Sandler & Co. and former president of the CMT Association, will provide a technical tutorial session covering several important technical metrics. He will be joined by Ralph Acampora, head of technical and market analysis at Altaira, Ltd., known as the "Godfather of Technical Analysis," and one of the most respected technical analysts in the business. Together, they will share innovative ideas on how to harness the predictive power of technical analysis and show you how to use them to become a better trader.

Technical analysis is more than just looking for patterns on charts. Learn how to read charts, understand market indicators, incorporate intermarket analysis, and bring them all together to execute trades where the risk/reward opportunities are constantly in your favor. This is a session that you cannot afford to miss!

*Tickets are $139 per person; all sales are final. If you miss the live course, you can always watch it on demand at a later date.

Dr. Shawn Iadonato, CEO of Kineta, Inc., will discuss the clinical stage biotechnology company committed to developing disruptive life science technologies that address unmet patient needs especially for patients with cancer. Kineta, Inc., has leveraged expertise in immunology to advance a focused pipeline of investigational drugs in oncology, neuroscience, and virology.

Gold, unlike other physical assets, has very little industrial or practical purpose but it can be an effective way to hedge a traditional portfolio. Yet, using inefficient products such as ETFs could expose traders to unexpected risks and drawbacks. The futures and options markets, on the other hand, offer highly efficient access to gold price exposure fitting the needs and risk tolerance of any sized investor or speculator. Learn what moves the gold market, how to analyze and understand gold's seasonal tendencies, how to mine for clues in the COT report, and many more.

Regarded as one of the top income investors on Wall Street, Louis Navellier will discuss how he identifies top income-investment opportunities. In this session, you will learn how to best use Dividend Grader to identify AA stocks, the danger of many dividend ETFs, covered-call option writing on high-dividend stocks, high-dividend income in REITs and MLPs, and why 2-to-3 dividend portfolios are better than 1.

Three epic "Black Swan" events have just occurred in the US in a single year. Three months after a nationwide lockdown, with over 40 million jobs lost and a projected 20% economic contraction in Q2, what can investors expect? Get answers to these and other questions:

  • The Economic Shutdown and the "Great Suppression"—How Great was the Damage and When Will We Fully Recover?
  • Energy & Technology—Their Assessment of the Energy Crisis and Technological Innovations
  • What is the Political Impact at the Upcoming Election?
  • Their Best Advice to Protect Investors' Portfolios and How to Profit from Special Situations

Hear from the country's most influential economists to help you make sense of the rapidly changing environment.


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